Don't just write it PROnounce it!

What We Do

So I guess the question you are asking is what is PROnounce? Or more importantly what will it be?

At the moment we are in the development stage and expect to be launching soon, you can pre-register your interest now to be kept up to date of progress. That's good news for you, as some of the first to join you can get well ahead on followers, Claps and Content ratings which will be important later on.

Once launched PROnounce will be an invaluable resource for Media outlets of all forms, together with the contributors of content such as PR Agencies, Trade Bodies, SME's and Government Bodies. We are working to create an environment where you can truly express your content using rich text editors and an ability to add images as you need to without the constraints of Twitter or Facebook.

PROnounce what’s in a name?

We put a lot of thought into our name and we hope it’s not lost on you; naturally Pronounce is a verb to declare something officially to be the case, used to articulate words, especially in a way acceptable to the person to whom they are spoken. Well that’s the clever bit, the bonus comes in the first three letters PR as its built as a service for PR companies and PRO as its also for Professional s in the media industry be they editors, journalists, radio researchers or professional bloggers etc, It’s also quite catchy and we hope it grows on you!

How it works


You will have a choice of four feeds of content:

  • HOME - showing all content set to public
  • SELECTED CONTENT - restricted to content you have selected
  • ACTIVITY - showing general activity on the site
  • NATTER - an informal feed where you can post general chat and requests
Rewards and Acknowledgements

It's always nice to see we are appreciated for what we do and in the case of PR Companies we need a way to show the reaction to our work and the results. So uniquely PROnounce has a number of ways of expressing satisfaction once content is downloaded you will be given the chance to Clap and Rate the content from one to ten. In recognition contributors can also Clap and Rate Publications and Media outlets for their content etc as a mutual reward.


It can't all be about work so uniquely we are creating a more informal feed which we are calling "Natter" where you can post gossip, general chat or informal requests.

As you can see we are putting a lot of thought into making this a useful and enjoyable resource facility for anyone in the information business and we would very much welcome your feedback and suggestions so please email

Media outlet

Membership of PROnounce is free to most forms of media outlets, be it printed Magazines, Online Publications, Radio, TV, Newspaper or Professional Blogger. You will have your own control room where you can choose which content best suits your needs which will show in your Chosen Content feed and request relevant content to be sent via email daily, weekly etc. You will be able to publish your future features list and also broadcast content requests as needed. A link to your Website or Blog will be added to your PRonounce profile so interested contributors can view and rate your current output.


We class contributors as anyone who has something to say, such as PR Agencies on behalf of their clients, Company PR Departments, Government Departments, Charities, Trade Bodies, Freelance Journalists and SME's. The service will be free for a minimum of thirty days to allow you to try before you buy.

PR Agencies

You will have your own Newsroom where you can add your clients, set up Boiler plates, upload logos and images and customise press releases and news posts. You will have an admin account which can then invite your colleagues who will each have their own Screen name and broadcast on behalf of the group.


Smaller companies can't always afford a PR Agent though still need to express themselves and get recognition for work they do for charity and the local community. So we have created a simple to use template to get your message across in a professional manner.

Trade Bodies

We recognise that many Trade Bodies are not for profit and our charges once applied will reflect this though remember there is no charge for a minimum of thirty days.


We aim to support charities as much as we can and will only ever ask for a contribution to running cost though please remember the site is completely free for a minimum of thirty days.


As a media outlet your membership is free and allows you to view the Main Feed, Chosen Content Feed and Site Activity. You will also be able to post to the PROnounce Natter Feed which is also Tweeted. If at some point however you decide you wish to Broadcast to either our category Twitter Feeds or email lists, then you will be given the chance to upgrade to Media Contributor at a price dependent on the level of access you require. This feature is ideal if you have a story you wish to get out or you simply want to boost your readership and following.