11:11 - The New Answer To The Universe

11:11 - The New Answer To The Universe

Posted 10 November, 2019 at 23:19

Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Soulchology


This post isn’t designed to go in-dept on the topic of numerology which is vast in it’s depth and science. But to honour today being the 11th November, I wanted to provide a nudge to some of you who may remain completely unaware that numerology can play a major role in your life’s experiences, and to bring a fragment of the ‘11’ insight to you that may ring a small epiphany bell that sets you off on the path to find out more.  

The Karmic Master Number 11 symbolises spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration, illumination, visionary, creativity, new beginnings, sensitivity and manifestation to name just several principles. If like me, you’ve seen this repeating throughout your day on clocks, or number plates etc., it’s encouragement for you to lean into your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you to your own unique purpose.


So what is a Master Number exactly? The 11s, 22s, and 33s are higher-octave vibrations of their base numbers of the 2, 4 and 6 and those that have the Master numbers in their birth numerology have accumulated much spiritual wisdom in order to help others.

However, the intense energy can be destructive when confidence isn’t embraced, with anxiety, self-doubt and low self esteem being common nerve-related conditions associated with someone not embracing their full potential. Because we all evolve at different rates and have differing lessons to learn, people step into their Master number responsibilities at different rates which is why it’s also common to see people not living to their full potential until much later in life.

Major life challenges is an indicative trait of 11s, along with heightened intuition making for strong values of honesty and integrity that align them with their soul - and sole - goal of making the world a better place. 

Do you:

  • pursue a higher level of spiritual awareness and self development + mastery?

  • inspire others to believe in themselves so they may improve their lives?

  • promote peace, love and harmony wherever you can?

  • have visionary, inventive, inspirational, focussed, charismatic or intuitive traits?

  • have a creative or caring profession?

walking the path

Popular career paths for 11s include being a Teacher, Designer, Psychologist, Public Speaker, TV/Entertainer/Actor, Creative, Spiritual Leader, Healer or Environmentalist. Choices that embrace your intelligence, enthusiasm and your natural ability to love, inspire and uplift others is part and parcel whilst retaining the ability to define personal boundaries and making a world of difference - literally.

Internationally renowned speaker and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer is a classic example of a Master Number 11 fulfilling his life purpose as an Inspirational Teacher and Spiritual Messenger. Originally a guidance counsellor and educator, he leads by example and teaches through personal experience, often sharing his own trials and tribulations to enable others to learn and grow. (Source - Numerology by Michelle Buchanan).


As a Life Path Master Number 11 myself, I’m all too aware of the significant power behind this number that calls for awareness and understanding in the pursuit of self mastery and spiritual truth. Since I’ve answered my own spiritual calling, I’ve helped many other Master numbers that are somewhere between living their mission to still being in the closet, to become aware of their energy and soul purpose.

If you’re not sure what your numerology is, or are interested to learn more, send me a message as I can either point you to online tools to help, or provide you with a personal reading that will help you to understand your life path, destiny, soul, personality and maturity numbers, along with your strengths to be embraced.

And if you’re a fellow 11, I’ll leave you with the following affirmation to remember when the road gets bumpy...

Stick at it, I promise you that life drastically improves when you commit to living your truth, whatever that may look like for you and if you would like to get in touch to tell me of your own experiences, I’d love to hear from you via here or Facebook Messenger.

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