A Brief History of Tea.

A Brief History of Tea.

Posted 18 May, 2022 at 14:15

Author geoff meredith on behalf of Morgan'sBrew Tea Ltd

2373 BC. The second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when leaves blew into his cup of hot water producing an aromatic aroma.

350 BC. A Chinese dictionary cites tea for the first time as Erh Ya.

400 AD. Now called Kuang Ya in the Chinese dictionary, tea and detailed steps on how to make the beverage is explained.

479 AD. Turkish traders’ barter for tea on the border of Mongolia.

618 AD. Tea becomes a popular drink in China for both its flavour and medicinal qualities during the T’sang Dynasty.

725 AD. The Chinese give tea give its own character: chía.

1206 AD. During the Mongol takeover of China, tea becomes a commonplace beverage but never regains its high social status.

1422 AD. The Japanese tea ceremony emerges onto the scene. First created by a Zen priest named Murata Shuko.

1589 AD. Europeans learn about tea when detailed descriptions are published by a Venetian trader.

1597 AD. Tea is mentioned for the first time in an English translation of Dutch navigator Jan Hugo van Linschooten's travels, in which he refers to tea as chaa. Also when Portuguese priests spreading Roman Catholicism through China taste tea and write about its medicinal and taste benefits.

1637 AD. Wealthy Dutch merchants' wives serve tea at parties.

1657 AD. The first tea is sold as a health beverage in London, England at Garway's Coffee House.

1664 AD. The English East India Company brings the gift of tea to the British king and queen. The British take over New Amsterdam, names it New York, and a British tea tradition ensues.

1702 AD. During Queen Anne's reign, tea drinking thrives in British coffeehouses.

1784 AD. Parliament further reduces the British import taxes on tea in an effort to end the smuggling that accounts for the majority of the nation's tea imports.

1835 AD. The East India Company starts the first tea plantations in Assam, India.

1866 AD. Over 90 percent of Britain's tea is still imported from China.

1910 AD. Sumatra, Indonesia becomes a cultivator and exporter of tea followed by Kenya and parts of Africa.

2016 AD. Anne and Geoff assumed ownership of Poppy’s Tudor Tearoom in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Within the first 12 months they built the business up to have a following of daily regulars. During this time they were asked by their customers if it was possible to create a traditional cup of tea for home use. Morgan’s Brew Tea Company was born.

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