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Posted 17 October, 2019 at 16:22

Author Suzanne Brogan on behalf of Brogan & Co Telecoms

AUTOMATE – Smart Fleet Management Made Easy

There are currently 35.2 million total UK vehicles, with approximately 2 million new cars registered every year.  Around 9% (Circa 3.7 million) are classified as a fleet or small-and-medium-sized enterprise business vehicles.

Top needs of SME

For anyone managing vehicles at a small business, some or all of these will be a big part of their day to day duties.

  • Timekeeping – ensuring that their drivers are getting to their destination on time.
  • Travel reporting – producing accurate reports of trips taken, for expenses or other needs.
  • Driver communications – staying in touch with the driver on the road.
  • Checking up – checking that a driver is where they are supposed to be and doing what they should be doing.
  • Fleet oversight – Knowing where all the company vehicles are and directing where they’re going
  • Client communication – updating clients on vehicle status, and keep them informed.

What are they currently using?

Managers use a range of different techniques for meeting their needs, some very low tech to the more sophisticated.  Most feel they keep up their business adequately, while a few are conscious of weaknesses in their current solution.

What we’re doing?

AutoMate is a simple plugin solution.  Just plug in the compact device into each of their compatible vehicles and use the simple app or online portal to manage the fleet.

The driver has an app, but there’s also an app for the fleet manager plus the online portal.

AutoMate monitors 3 key areas:

  1. Location – know where your vehicles are 24/7
  2. Vehicle Health – Minimise vehicle downtime by monitoring health with alerts on vehicle fault codes and battery status
  3. Driving behaviour – ensure your vehicles are being driven responsibly with a 5 point driving scoring.

Why is Auto mate great?



24 hour monitoring

Increase productivity

Find my vehicle

Logistic support

Fleet Management


Easy expense management

Management and upkeep

Suspicious activity alert

Cost Control

Peace of mind with Auto Mate

Everything you need to keep track of your vehicles health, location and driving behaviour for just

24-month offer

£11 a month per vehicle (including EU roaming)

£49 up-front

Available to new and existing customers

Example of fleet of a five-vehicle fleet

24 Month Plan

(5 x £49 Device) +

(5 x £11 plan x 24-months)

= £55.00 per month plus £245 upfront.

Check vehicle compatibility at

Simply enter the vehicle make, model and year and it will tell you if it is compatible.

Call 01536 851671 or email for more information or to place your order.

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