Building teams that smash targets

Building teams that smash targets

Posted 27 July, 2020 at 15:30

Author Jeremy Francis on behalf of Jeremy Francis

Jeremy Francis, CEO, Personal and Professional Development, is pleased to announce the publication of his new e-book Building teams that smash targets


Why is it that some teams can literally smash targets, and create new records, and that others remain average or underperforming?

In today’s fast changing, and extremely demanding environment, when uncertainty is the only certainty, it is a rare breed of team leader that can inspire and equip their team to not only to meet but exceed targets! Yet this is what the best team leaders do. And it is not ‘rocket science’.

It requires having insights and skills that other team leaders don’t know about, and therefore cannot employ. If you look at the most successful CEOs, sports coaches, and people managers they have these skills and you can too!

The old teambuilding practices simply do not work in a world that is never in a steady state, and changes so rapidly that all the old beliefs and norms are no longer fit for purpose.

This is where this book comes in. It seeks to turn some of the old conventions on their head, and introduces you to mind-blowing new insights into increasing the level of team performance to a level unheard of!

Excited at this thought? Then this book is for you!

Cost: £12.99

About The Author

Jeremy Francis has worked in human resource development for over 35 years.

From a background in Training and Development within leading British and American banks in 1982 he became a self-employed Human Resource Development and Organization Development Consultant working with blue chip corporates.  He then founded Rhema Group with the aim of providing customized human resource and organization development solutions, globally, through the use of consultancy, instructor led training, coaching, psychometric assessments and online learning and development resources.

Over the last 35 years Jeremy has been a keynote speaker on a number of conferences in the UK, USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Europe and Scandinavia. Over the course of his career he has written over 100 publications on Leadership, Management, Performance Management, Talent Development, Sales and Account Management, Communication Skills and Personal Effectiveness.

All his content has been CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Accredited. He has also been accredited by the CPD Standards Office as a Trainer of Excellence.

He is now CEO of Personal and Professional Development Limited. The company provides online personal development courses and resources, highly interactive online learning using webinars and virtual classrooms, and online coaching and mentoring.

Jeremy lives in the UK.

Jeremy’s client testimonies include:

I have worked with Jeremy for many years in the delivery of Performance Management, Coaching and Mentoring Programs. I have no hesitation in recommending him in these areas of training.

John Ferrier, Head of Talent and Business Development, Linde

I highly recommend Jeremy to any organization investing in their top talent.

Susan Schanta, Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Contact details

For more information, and to order a copy of the book, contact Jeremy Francis.


Mobile: +44 7973216323

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