Can your company afford 30k?

Can your company afford 30k?

Posted 06 August, 2021 at 15:48

Author Paul Robinson on behalf of Social Media SEO Services

With tribunals on the rise and companies looking to offer new work from home lifestyle relationships with employees, there's never been a better time to look at Perks Direct

Can your company afford 30k?

Tribunal award limits would be up to one year's gross pay if you were dismissed on or after 6th April 2021. This causes enormous problems for smaller companies with an average UK salary currently £31,000 for a full-time worker.

  1. Perks Direct offer an EAP Employee assistance programme covering stress related issues and mental health on a telephone or face to face basis.
  2. 24/7 GP helpline for the employee and immediate family, which also reduces time absent from work and can be used while not in the UK.
  3. Unlimited legal advice covering any domestic issues from divorce to a boundary dispute with neighbours.
  4. A wellbeing app offering daily stress releasing videos and tasks keeping you focused in times of need.

Voted “Best Staff Wellbeing and Engagement Platform, 2021” SME News

With employee welfare paramount, this will without a doubt become the minimum requirement expected from any employer when attending a tribunal.

With minimum pay increases expected for the foreseeable future, the Perks Direct app provides a fantastic range of money saving benefits providing users with closed loop savings such as Cashback, local discounts in over 6,000 retailers, days out and cinema tickets as well as 7% off your weekly shop.

With mental wellbeing at the forefront of business needs and tribunals on the rise, Perks Direct have launched our connect product which offers the following benefits:

Employee wellbeing

  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • 24/7 GP service
  • Legal helpline
  • Mind wellbeing App

Employee discounts

  • Over 6,000 local discounts
  • Discounted Cinema tickets
  • Local good cause and charity support
  • Cashback in 3,000 retailers
  • Discount Theme Park tickets
  • Hotel and Flight discounts
  • Restaurant discounts
  • Weekly shopping discounts of up to 7%

Watch our latest video here.

All employers using Perks Direct will also receive a free CSR associate accreditation and access to our partners Borofree, a salary advance and financial wellness solution that gives your employees early access to up to £300 of their salary every month – with 0% interest,0% fees and £0 cost to them and you.

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