Car-municate this summer

Posted 22 August, 2018 at 13:49

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of (IFM) Independent Forecourt Magazine

  • Drivers’ top wish for connected car technology is early notification of car fault codes and warning lights
  • AA Car Genie acts like a fitness app so drivers can track their vehicle’s health
  • Helps alert you to a flat battery while car is unused during holiday
  • AA’s top tips for keeping your car healthy this summer
  • Two thirds (66%) of drivers wish their car would give them the heads-up when it’s going to let them down, and strand them by the roadside, according to an AA poll*.

    Drivers top five wish list for information they would like to receive remotely from their car via connected car technology was:

    1. Early notification of a vehicle’s faults (66%)
    2. Tyre pressures (50%)
    3. Amount of fuel left (50%)
    4. Battery health (27%)
    5. Vehicle location (25%)

    And it’s not just their cars that drivers want better car-munication with, as previous AA research** shows nearly half (44%) of drivers worry about getting a fair deal from a garage, making it the joint top motoring fear alongside breaking down in a dangerous location (45%).

    The AA’s Car Genie acts like a car fitness app to alert drivers, via push notifications, to early fault codes and warning lights from their car. It also lets them see their battery health and driving performance.

    This information can help drivers during conversations with mechanics as they are able to access information about their own vehicle in real time. It also means faults can be fixed before a car breaks down.

    AA President Edmund King said: “We know many drivers worry whether they are being treated fairly by a garage.

    “Having extra information to hand about the state of your car can provide a boost to drivers when they are talking to a mechanic and help them have confidence in the garage’s advice.

    “Car Genie is a simple device that means your car can let you know in advance that there is a fault – before you break down.

    “With new car sales dropping as drivers keep hold of their vehicles for longer, the ability to keep track of vehicle health has never been more important.

    “Something which works very much like a fitness tracker for your car gives drivers all the insight they need to see exactly how their car is performing, cut down running costs and keep the car on the road for less.”

    The battery information from Car Genie may have an additional impact over the summer as people leave their cars at airports and at home, unused, while they go away. This can mean many are faced with a flat battery on their return, but Car Genie can alert them to this during their holiday so they can make sure it is fixed before they get home.

    As one happy customer said: “Have always been a bit sceptical about new gadgets! However, with a week left of our holiday, Car Genie fitted to my car (parked at home in our driveway) has warned me that my battery needs a charge! Our daughter is dealing with it!”

    Drivers can take some additional simple measures to help keep their car in good shape this summer:

    • Check your tyre pressures as higher temperatures increase the chances of a blowout
    • Keep your windscreen clean and some sunglasses handy to combat glare
    • Road repairs in summer can leave loose chippings. Take care driving over these to avoid damaging your car’s bodywork
    • Ensure you have enough fuel so you can keep the air conditioning running through long delays
    • Use sun blinds on the windows to help keep kids in the back cool

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