Corona virus Bail out. Who will repay the massive amount of the Government assistance?

Corona virus Bail out.  Who will repay the massive amount of the Government assistance?

Posted 11 May, 2020 at 19:49

Author Suzanne Brogan on behalf of Brogan & Co

Billions of pounds are being spent to prop up our economy and businesses at this time, and when we return to normality, how is this going to be repaid?  Tax increases from the hard-working British tax-payers?  Corporation tax increases,?

Who knows at this stage?  But before we are asked to increase a single penny in tax, I hope the Government is going to go to HMRC and every Police Force in the UK and ask that every Fraud case involving the revenue are expedited, and proceeds of crimes orders are issued against Directors and individuals who have been defrauding us for years.  Public Purse = Public Interest. 

A great many people have been victims of these fraudsters, often parading a respectable business people, whilst all the time, they are denying the Country of hundreds, if not millions of pounds in taxes.  I have seen evidence of investigations taking 11-years, even though the evidence provided is so blatantly obvious a child would spot it.  Yet no arrests have been made.  No-one has been invited in for an interview.  No raids have taken place.  

Unless you are a witness or a victim of these types of crime, you expect both the HMRC and Police to robustly investigate allegations of these natures.  Whilst the fraudsters may be laughing at the authorities, they can never rest easy, knowing when the knock on the will door happens.  

And if they are not worried.  Why not?  

As a British tax-payer and a business owner, I would like to know the answer to that question.  And if you would too I suggest you email the Chief Executive at HMRC at, the Chancellor of the Exchequer at, your MP, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable for your area.

Possible template

Dear Sir/Madam,

Before you ask the British Taxpayers for an increase in taxation to pay for the CV-19 bailouts, can you please advise what measures are in place to recoup the billions of pounds of taxpayers' money by organised criminals who have defrauded the British Taxpayers for many years without consequences.  Proceeds of Crime Orders against these gangs should be made and every penny of our money must be recovered before an increase in taxation is considered, much less implemented.

Please respond to this email within the next 28-days to explain the measures to be taken moving forward and what the Government's next steps will be.

Yours faithfully,

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