Coronavirus - Are you just going to sit and wait?

Coronavirus - Are you just going to sit and wait?

Posted 26 March, 2020 at 13:30

Author Paul Robinson on behalf of Pronounce Concierge Service

Firstly please follow all guidelines as set out by the UK Government that is thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds, keep your distance to 2 metres, if you do cough, do this into your elbow or tissue and discard.

Very important- Present time no one can claim they have a cure for this illness FACT!

If you see claims recommending this product or that to support your immune system, please ignore them as there is no such product that supports immune system as a whole, as mentioned by Samuel Yannick DC "what part of the immune system are you supporting"

The SARS and Covid-19 are very similar strains of virus. It’s a silent killer, and  spreading throughout the world at an alarming rate. But we can help ourselves quickly with kinesiology targeting precisely what nutrients and like for the immune system. Everyone is individual in treating. One size doesn’t fit all. We MUST BE PRECISE.

It`s generally recognised the immune system has 2 parts the innate and adaptive.

The innate immune system is the bodies initial response to eliminate microbes and infections and will immediately recognise self v non self and therefore when confronted with something foreign it will act to prevent it spreading. And will initiate the cascade effect to protects us, thus calling on the adaptive system to start making antibodies TH1 and TH2 (T helper lymphocytes) This is why it takes 5 to 7 days for the common cold to subside.

These are very concerning times not knowing if you are going to get the virus or not. So what can we do to improve the immune system naturally to ward off or limits its action on the human body.

A simple home test you can do immediately to become aware that the immune system is under / over functioning is by tapping the chapman reflexes relating to the thymus and spleen. If you lift your left arm up and tap the area around where your elbow would touch the side of your chest and similarly lift right arm up a tap the area around level with bottom half of right bicep at the side of your chest. As you tap these areas for up to 1 minute, you may find some discomfort meaning that these 2 organs are over or under functioning, and help is needed to improve them. 

To precisely support the innate immune system we would test for Vitamin A,C and D, Zinc and astragalus.

The adaptive immune system in contrast is supported by giving folate and B12 to help raise the white blood count. For explanation purposes there are different forms of folate and B12. A patient could need the methylated form because their body isn’t able to convert the normal form through the bodies conversion pathways.

Here is an example of how this works. A layman’s view, if the white blood count is normal between 5000 to 10500 from blood assays. We have the generals which are the thymus and spleen glands they send the order to the commissioned officers to instruct the foot soldiers to go eat or produce antibodies to the virus. Again this is why the common cold takes 5 to 7 days to cure. And if the cold is not recognised, will need time to produce the above antibodies.

We believe Goodvitality has so much to offer, as its precise and bespoke for our clients to regain their health. You simply will not get the full spectrum support from food alone when something foreign is invading the body system.

I hope this article as been of interest in helping you understand this body system and how you can help yourself. Please don’t wait for the NHS Sector to find a vaccine, that could be months away. You can take action now and be tested precisely for YOU!

Please visit for more information or recommendations via direct email for a shotgun approach should you not be able to leave your home.

You must be proactive for your own wellbeing. I am here to help you should you wish.

Good luck and stay safe.

David Ison KFRP

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