Death Tarot: Where Your Sun Sets To Rise Again

Death Tarot: Where Your Sun Sets To Rise Again

Posted 12 June, 2020 at 06:16

Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Soulchology

"Measure the height of your mind by the shade it casts" - Robert Browning

My client bit her lip as the Death card made a reappearance during a reading that expanded on a particular essence of her life path. With only a few cards presented, two out of the four had repeated from her initial short layout despite a good ten minutes of reshuffling.

I’ve got to say, I love it when this happens.

Through Tarot, your higher self speaks to you through tangible material you can see and touch. When you consider the innumerable amount of positions and questions you can present the Tarot with, along with the 78 cards in a deck… (doubling that if you consider reversals), what would the law of average need to be for the same cards to come out in exactly the same positions in response to a similarly worded question? In my experience, this happens to provide even the most logical of minds with as much confirmation as possible into the enquiry.

During our session, the Death card highlighted the need for my client to go within; to shut off the noise from the outside world that impacted her ability to trust and have faith in herself. Indicated by surrounding cards, her life had literally seen consistent upheaval and change. In each experience, she’d learned that wearing a ‘mask’ was the quick route to fitting in, leading her down a path of people-pleasing which negatively resulted in her losing sight of who she really was.

As she embarked on another transitional stage in her life, the Renewal/Death card signalled that it was time for her to confidently step out with newfound awareness of what, and who, she needed to leave behind in order for her to become who she wanted to be. The card was symbolic of the emotional release together with the death of the previous relationship with herself and illustrated a healthier perspective.

  • Death Tarot: Renewal | Unconscious | Psychology | Fear | Transformation | Awakening

  • Soulchology Book Recommendation: Journey Of Souls - Michael Newton

  • Relating Chakra(s): Heart | Solar Plexus

  • Supporting Crystals: Rose Quartz | Rutilated Quartz | Emerald | Hematite | Citrine

  • Numerology 13/4: Tenacity | Effort | Perseverance | Faith | Resilience | Progress | Expansion | Intuition

The appearance of the Death card causes the most stir and remains to be the most feared and misunderstood of the Tarot deck, but in reality it’s one of the best cards to receive in your reading because it literally means ‘death of old ways’. It would be impossible for a caterpillar to become a butterfly without transitioning through it’s natural stages. So I believe if this card was changed to ‘Renewal’, everyone would get the balloons out!

The ‘Renewal’ card speaks of the ultimate spiritual evolvement, and arrives when the time has come for you to learn a karmic life lesson. And - when I talk of ‘karmic’, I refer to experiences your soul has chosen to learn and evolve from, not one of divine retribution.

I’ve seen this card present many times that illustrates the challenges felt in letting go of what is the present ‘known’.  The surrounding cards often plot a path that’s been strewn with challenges that have arisen from hanging on to the current, which in turn, inhibit the soul’s growth. Much of the fear felt in embracing the unknown is rooted in your past, or conditioning, and my work teaches and supports clients in transcending this fear to allow movement for their highest good. One door closes…. and all that.

There are many reasons you can find yourself staying in a rut, or staying in a relationship that no longer works for you. Maybe you’ve outgrown the people around you or know that happiness awaits you at the other side of change. Fate has a way of elbowing it’s way into your life whether you’re ready for it or not. Throughout your life the Universe will present you with opportunities and of course, it’s within your free will to take or leave them. But if you choose to pass on what you know deep down serves your betterment, there’s a decent chance this will hurt in the long run simply because by denying yourself something that is your soul’s purpose, you are denying the reason for your existence and mortal journey.

With self reflection, compassion for yourself and insight you will experience the inevitable fulfilment that comes with ending something that no longer lights you up, and beginning of the new that does. By choosing acceptance of what is, you learn how to appreciate the present and all that you have in your life to celebrate. Maybe that something isn’t actually lost, like you it’s evolved into something else that could still appear as a rich landscape in supporting your future. The sheer movement of your own transition allows essential change and movement in places that were previously stagnant, giving way to metamorphosis.

It is not a healthy goal to remove fear entirely because it’s an essential basic instinct for your survival, but when it holds you back it’s time to examine how the presence of it in your life is forcing you into corners you’d rather be out of.

If you want help to overcome your fears or with transitioning to a new part of your life with a more comfortable approach to it, get in touch with me but in the meantime, journalling is a productive and powerful way to weaken the effects of fear so below are some questions to consider…

What am I afraid of? Is it real or imagined, and how do I know?
What am I denying for myself by resisting change?
What is the best decision I can make for myself today?

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