DMT delivers a RAPID Response to GDPR

 DMT delivers a RAPID Response to GDPR

Posted 25 May, 2018 at 08:57

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of Pronounce Concierge Service

The deadline for GDPR compliance has arrived, but DMT Development Systems Group Inc., a globally-renowned name in lead management technology with offices across North America, the UK and the EU, has been working for more than a year to make it easier for its customers to meet the requirements of the legislation.

DMT Group, which works with more than 2,500 clients across three continents, has updated its RAPID! Response™ lead management SaaS (software as a service) - based solution, ensuring it remains an effective tool for businesses, even after GDPR takes effect. Going beyond the basic requirements expected of the providers of such software, DMT Group is using GDPR compliance measures to deliver new services to existing customers.

The specialist team tasked with updating the software added two key new features. The first is a ‘right to be forgotten’ functionality, enabling businesses to anonymise customers personal data at the touch of a button, while retaining key information to allow for the ongoing monitoring of leads. If selected, the functionality removes all data considered personal by GDPR, such as name, phone number or email address – making it easier for businesses to honour a customer’s right to be forgotten.

The second key update is the establishment of a ‘set it and forget it’ retention period for personal data. This means the length of time customer data is kept can be customised in line with the organisation’s privacy policy. At the end of this set time limit, all of the customer’s personal data is automatically deleted – but the information essential for lead monitoring and reporting is retained.

Speaking of the updates, Philip Watts, CIPP/E and General Counsel at DMT Group, commented: “There is no question that the GDPR has been one of the biggest shake-ups to impact data protection for businesses across Europe. The need for businesses to be compliant has never been greater, so it is important that they communicate with their customers and store that information in a way that complies with the law.”

Steve Ambeau, Vice President of Global Marketing, added: “At DMT Group, we are committed to delivering value to our clients, by maximising their customers’ experience across multiple digital touchpoints. With that mission comes the responsibility of making GDPR compliance measures seamless and intuitive for our clients, in turn allowing them to instil confidence in their customers that demands around data protection are being acted upon. Today, businesses can achieve compliance for their customers’ stored data within our console in just a few clicks.”

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