Escaping The Lockdown

Posted 02 June, 2020 at 16:15

Author Roy Castleman on behalf of Twinwoods Adventure

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Our Story.

Covid 19 has had a major impact on many companies, forcing them to close their doors and lose essential business that they and their employees rely on to pay overheads, staff wages and keep afloat in an already strained economic world. Being a leisure centre complex and with staff living onsite this was a huge blow to our team and our business. And to add insult to injury, we were also ineligible for any of the government grants, bounce back loans or even to furlough our staff as we fell through the cracks of eligibility. At this stage most businesses would give up and the last one out would have turned the lights off and locked the door, however we saw it as a challenge, (Just like our escape rooms!) that we simply had to overcome.

The Birth of The Virtual Escape Room.

This is how our virtual escape rooms were born. If people couldn’t come to us, we would take it to them, through the power of digital media. Doing something with your friends and family keeps you sane  Roy Castleman -  “In today’s contactless COVID world we all need some real interaction with our friends and family to keep sane. ” Players can join in an escape room challenge, all done remotely from the comfort of their living room, our onsite staff host the game, with a games master and someone to look for the clues, complete the challenges all guided by the players via webcam and voice. Players can immerse themselves in the game and experience the fun and challenges as if they were really there. And our escape room challenges have helped people escape the lockdown boredom, bringing together (virtually) their friends and family and taking part in exciting and challenging activities.

Onwards and Upwards.

Our virtual escape rooms have proven to be that much of a success, we have decided to build these rooms using crowdfunding.  In this case you can book your next escape room by claiming a reward now and we will have rooms open by the first week in July. You can join in the crowdfunding at Even after lockdown, the ability to get together with your friends for a night in, without having to travel, appoint a designated driver or worry about catching the last train home has masses of appeal and we see the success of this to be phenomenal, so why not find out more about how you and your friends can book a virtual escape room experience today.

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

Watch our video below to see how our escape rooms work!

Customer reviews

A brilliant way to spend lockdown with mates. I've always been a fan of escape rooms, so this was a very novel way to experience one. Good clues, a fun theme and a humorous "trooper' made this really enjoyable. The future of entertainment? - Zak

We had our own voice-controlled soldier! What a way to spend some time with friends during lockdown - it was fun directing our "trooper" remotely, and as a team.

Probably at least as fun as getting to the venue and taking the challenge in person. It even ended in a live jump off the building via video. Thanks to the team for setting up this innovation! - Julian

What a great Escape! Our team had a mix of first timers and more experienced players from the UK and Ireland. The playing instructions were easy for everyone to follow and it didn’t take long before we were in full flow on the mission at hand. Our designated Avatar facilitated and supported endless demands, moments of confusion, triumph and dead ends; They became an extended part of our team, willing us on and celebrating our escape within the allotted 60 minutes! The absolute cherry on the cake was the unexpected virtual jump from the top of Twinwoods Adventure - Incredible! Buzzing and high, the laptop lid closed and it was back to the reality of our front rooms but wearing a grin from ear to ear - The escape was real. - Libby

I was a bit sceptical about doing this as I thought it could get confusing, but once we were set up on Zoom, the host made everything clear and it turned out to be a breeze and a good laugh. Good escape from the daily boredom at the moment, and would be fun to do anyway! - Tobias 

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

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