Fun time wasters courtesy of GOOGLE

Fun time wasters courtesy of GOOGLE

Posted 07 October, 2021 at 12:15

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of Pronounce Media

We recently started passing these backwards and forwards mainly on “WhatsApp” (when it works) they are just fun tricks you can type into a GOOGLE search, but they can be cool to swap. It seems GOOGLE developers have far more time on their hands than the rest of us because there seems to be an endless array of these to choose from. Here are a few we have come across so far, do you know any more?

Barrel roll

Just type into a GOOGLE search “Do a barrel roll” and see what happens! (Leave out the inverted commas)


Type into google         "Joey Tribbiani" then click the pizza emoji by his name.

Try the same with the following (Different emoji for each)

Ross Geller

Monica Geller

Phoebe Buffay

Rachel Green

Clever stuff

GOOGLE came into being way back in 1988 and just to prove it try typing into a GOOGLE search

GOOGLE in 1988” to see how it looked at the beginning. Whilst your there, try searching in the old google then as a second search type “Pronounce”

Try typing in “Timelapse” to see a new feature they added that shows you how the earth has evolved over the last 37 years.


You can even play games on GOOGLE try these searches and see what comes up!




“Tic tac toe”



Try this one just for fun, type in “Animal sounds

A bit more serious but again just for fun type in “Google sky” to zoom around the night sky.


Type in the word “Anagram” and see what you get.

This one is really odd, type in “Google gravity” but hold onto your hat!

So, there are just a few to get you started but I am sure you know of more if so let us know.

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