GRAND OPENING OF LYFBAR, Healthy Food Restaurant, Lawley, Telford -OPENING FRIDAY 15TH MARCH AT 12PM

GRAND OPENING OF LYFBAR, Healthy Food Restaurant, Lawley, Telford -OPENING FRIDAY 15TH MARCH AT 12PM

Posted 13 March, 2019 at 14:00

Author Richard Nuttall on behalf of Shropshire Youth Support Trust

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LYFBAR, founded by Alex Archibald and Bethany Tomlinson, will be the first grab&go restaurant in Lawley Village, Shropshire to offer a healthy alternative (with no compromise on taste) on popular items such as burgers, wraps, pancakes, sweet treats etc. 

LYFBAR will not just be targeting ‘gym goers’, instead the aim is to provide a healthier alternative to the forever growing keep fit community in Shropshire.

The main focus is to add value to the local area by offering the residents a healthier alternative to takeaway food to make staying fit easier. It is a strong belief of both directors that there isn't enough choice in the area currently to support local residents leading a healthier and more balanced life and diet.

Bethany currently works as a fitness social media influencer on Instagram (@beth_fitnessuk) with over 400,000 followers reaching on average 4.5 million individuals a week. Her main aim has always been to promote balance to the online fitness community without the need for crash diets, detox’s and other unhealthy fads online, promoting healthy weight gain to individuals who struggle to gain weight and encouraging women of all ages to feel empowered from lifting weights.  


Alex has run a similar business for two years on a smaller scale in the area offering a similar menu to LYFBAR which was very successful, growth, however, was stunted due to facilities of the shop. Therefore, moving and upscaling was necessary to grow the business. Lawley Village is an up and coming area that will better meet the target audience with the bigger premises allowing for better service and growth.

Both directors come from a background of keeping fit and healthy and understand the positive impacts it can have on someone's life, while also having a big passion for food that tastes good and makes you feel good, this is why LYFBAR was created.