Growing a business during lockdown

Growing a business during lockdown

Posted 28 May, 2020 at 12:30

Author Roy Castleman on behalf of Twinwoods Adventure

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So, there I was, COVID struck and my businesses were all taking a massive hit. I run three IT companies in London, a hemp company and my new passion an adventure and leisure centre in Bedford that includes indoor sky diving, indoor surfing, climbing, shooting range, wellness centre, gym, soft play, hotel and a range of other great things.

Seven of us staff at the adventure centre are residents so when lock down started we were the happiest campers in the world at that point. When lock down started we were the happiest campers in the world at that point. All the toys to play with, lots of space a gym and a pool and no work and the government providing funds, so we survived. A few days into lockdown and I came to the realisation that we would not be getting much assistance at all. We were able to furlough staff but have not to date received any other support due to a myriad of complicated reasons.

I felt sorry for myself for a few days and had to accept that this would bankrupt us. Once I had done that, I started working out how to make the bad situation just a little bit better each day. Luckily I work with a team of very talented people who were very bored so when I floated my first idea to run the escape room over a video call and they all thought I was bonkers they all decided to go with it. We released our first game on the 15th April and now five weeks later we have sold over 400 escape rooms.

How does it work:

Our 1942 real world escape room Morse Code was launched in December 2019. This game would see six people going on two missions to help the war effort, find a package in the general's room and send back the location of the upcoming attack via Morse Code. An extra VIP mission is to escape the tower by completing a 125ft Jump.

How about during lockdown:

We now deliver this same experience over a group video, Zoom account. We do this by having an Avatar (We call him\her Trooper) and Games master team that become part of your zoom call. Trooper is your army grunt, he's your eyes, hands, feet etc in the game. You bring your superior intellect and problem-solving ability and now with everything a team needs you can attempt the escape room.

Unknown benefits:

The fist thing that became clear was that this type of video group call including a tricky teamwork challenge allows people to really interact and to forget they are not meeting in person.

We are now a worldwide company and can run 24/7, this is a great way to save the environment with over 2000 people having taken part already and not one litre of petrol used to get here!

This also importantly opens-up escape rooms to everyone, the disabled who previously may not have gone to escape rooms now can.

We are at the beginning of a new revolution in the presentation of entertainment and Twinwoods Adventure is leading the storm.

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

Reviews:  See what our customers thought below or watch our video to see their instant reactions!

Such good fun being able to experience an escape room in a totally different way - this appealed to my video gaming side because we were in charge of a real life ‘avatar’ who we were directing around the room. It actually added a whole new level to the escape. Great fun and well worth it! - Anthony

Loved how the essence of the escape rooms was brought into a the digital world and how you are able to direct a person from anywhere you may be, to unravel the mysteries of the game. Unique experience. Totally recommended. - Joel

If I'm honest, I wasn't convinced the remote escape room would work for me. I like being hands on, getting in and having a good look around. Turns out, adding the avatar led to a whole new level of excitement. Not only were we following the clues but we were guiding him from 3 different sitting rooms. This a brilliant escape room experience but it was also a much needed way to connect with much missed friends. Highly recommended. - Jude

A brilliant way to spend lockdown with mates. I've always been a fan of escape rooms, so this was a very novel way to experience one. Good clues, a fun theme and a humorous "trooper' made this really enjoyable. The future of entertainment? - Zak

We had our own voice-controlled soldier! What a way to spend some time with friends during lockdown - it was fun directing our "trooper" remotely, and as a team.

Probably at least as fun as getting to the venue and taking the challenge in person. It even ended in a live jump off the building via video. Thanks to the team for setting up this innovation! - Julian

What a great Escape! Our team had a mix of first timers and more experienced players from the UK and Ireland. The playing instructions were easy for everyone to follow and it didn’t take long before we were in full flow on the mission at hand. Our designated Avatar facilitated and supported endless demands, moments of confusion, triumph and dead ends; They became an extended part of our team, willing us on and celebrating our escape within the allotted 60 minutes! The absolute cherry on the cake was the unexpected virtual jump from the top of Twinwoods Adventure - Incredible! Buzzing and high, the laptop lid closed and it was back to the reality of our front rooms but wearing a grin from ear to ear - The escape was real. - Libby

I was a bit sceptical about doing this as I thought it could get confusing, but once we were set up on Zoom, the host made everything clear and it turned out to be a breeze and a good laugh. Good escape from the daily boredom at the moment, and would be fun to do anyway! - Tobias 

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

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