How local football clubs can give their fans more

How local football clubs can give their fans more

Posted 12 May, 2021 at 13:23

Author Jasmine Silk on behalf of ShoutOut

It is no secret how strongly football fans feel about their clubs - it is a personal connection that many of us grew up with, especially when it comes to local clubs. The football communities around these clubs often go back a couple generations or more, and naturally the clubs themselves are constantly looking for new ways to give back to their fans. 

These days, the football clubs in the upper leagues are able to make incredible amounts of live coverage and video content to be shared with their supporters - with player interviews, post-match analysis, club updates video is increasingly central to how football engages its fans.

Particularly with the restrictions on match attendance that resulted from the pandemic, local clubs have been more and more keen to start creating similar content of their own for their communities. The problem is that video production can be an expensive pursuit for any small company, and understandably football clubs want to put as much of their funding as possible into their teams, matches, and events, rather than spending thousands making video. 

However, this does not necessarily need to be a barrier to creating great video content anymore, as Ascot United Football Club have recently shown. 

There are few of us now who do not have a mobile phone on us at any given moment, and with ever-improving phone cameras, what most businesses need is not expensive filming equipment, but a means to turn smartphone video into high quality branded video content with as little time and money as possible spent on doing so.  

This is where Ascot United have managed to find a brilliant solution; rather than paying out for a filming crew or for equipment, they have begun filming interviews, club updates, and match analysis on their smartphones, and converting this into branded video content using a new automated video tool - ShoutOut. 

ShoutOut allows Ascot United to make anything they film into fully-branded videos with any closed captions and text, name, and graphics overlays they want, in just seconds.

It is hard to overstate the difference this has made to Ascot United’s approach to making content for their social media. At a time when face-to-face communication is something we have all been missing, Ascot United were able to get a step closer, by updating their community via video where usually they would be limited to text and image posts.

The most noticeable effect that empowering communities to make video content has had is that it makes their online communication so much more personal. This Christmas for example, Ascot United were able to use ShoutOut to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to their supporters from everyone at the club, at a time when it wasn’t possible to do so in person.

More video content is also excellent news for the club’s online engagement and outreach; it is a great deal easier to actually show people the value of your work when they can see the passion with which the players and members speak about it, and watch footage of them all in action!

As everything reopens and matches get back on track, they are planning to use ShoutOut to create in-match coverage, as well as releasing more interviews and analysis. There is no longer an unnecessary limit on the content they can make to engage with their community, an advantage which more local clubs would be sure to benefit from.

Certainly, there could not be more appetite for it than now, when we are all so keen to engage in every way we can with the communities we have been missing!

See what Ascot United have made so far on their YouTube channel:

For other groups and businesses who are interested in expanding their online presence and reframing their content in a similar way to Ascot United FC, ShoutOut is offering virtual demos via their website.

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