Intruder Alarm Systems – Benefits for Businesses

Intruder Alarm Systems – Benefits for Businesses

Posted 11 October, 2021 at 14:30

Author Ronnie Findlay on behalf of Everything Digital

There has been a rapid rise in illegal activity in recent times. Businesses, in particular, are most at risk of being broken into or vandalised, regardless of how small or large, the premises are. It has become imperative for business owners to have the appropriate fire and security systems installed on their commercial property to protect it from harm and save associated costs. A vital security system that needs to be present on all business premises is an intruder alarm system. 

First, let’s understand the types of Intruder Alarm Systems and where can they be used.

Modern intruder alarm systems are packed with features that can alert the authorities in multiple ways. They use magnetic sensors, motion detectors, glass-break sensors and other highly sensitive touch or contact sensors, that raise an alarm immediately upon being triggered. Many of these intruder alarm systems can send alerts to remote mobile devices when not using an Alarm Receiving/Monitoring Centre (ARC), so you can respond to any incident as swiftly as possible. While such intruder alarm systems may be sufficient in smaller business premises or commercial buildings, bigger industrial units, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities may need more advanced alarm systems. Intruder alarms equipped with thermal perimeter detection and that work in combination with CCTV cameras and ARCs are most suitable for large business premises. 

What are the Benefits of Intruder Alarm Systems for Business?

Apart from being a requirement for insurance purposes, installing an intruder alarm system can help a business in many ways, such as:

  • Prevent Burglary

Whether you store valuables within your premises or not, your commercial building will always be a target for burglars. Having an intruder alarm system can protect your premises from theft in several ways. Firstly, it could deter the criminals from making any break-in attempts in the first place. If they do manage to break in, the different sensors in your security system will sound an alarm and alert the authorities in the vicinity. Therefore, the burglars will not have sufficient time to carry out the crime. 

  • Prevent Vandalism

Business premises are the most common targets of vandalism and property damage. Based on the severity of destruction, such incidents can bring your business to a stop and affect your reputation and relation with customers and suppliers. But having an intruder alarm system will help prevent all the negative consequences of vandalism by deterring criminals from committing the crime or preventing it by quickly alerting the authorities. 

  • Help Authorities Nab Criminals

One of the best advantages of having an intruder alarm on your business premises is that it shortens the window of opportunity for the criminals to commit the crime and flee without being detected. The intruder alarm system alerts the authorities as soon as it detects any breach and helps the police respond and reach the site before the criminals can escape.  

  • Remote Monitoring

A majority of the crime takes place in the middle of the night or the early morning hours when the premises are empty and unguarded. If your commercial building has an intruder alarm system connected with an ARC, it will alert the control centre as soon as it detects any forced entry. So you can have complete peace of mind that your premises are being watched and protected at all times.

  • Safe Working Environment

All business owners must provide a safe working environment to their employees. Installing an intruder alarm system can help you provide the necessary protection to your team members, especially those who work late night shifts, and improve their loyalty and trust in your business. 

  • Lower Insurance Premiums

The direct and most obvious benefit of having an intruder alarm system is the reduction of your insurance premiums. When insurance companies are assured that your premises are sufficiently protected and guarded with the best security systems, they may reduce your premiums and ultimately help you save substantial money over time.

There are many benefits to having a modern intruder alarm system on your commercial premises. However, it is also vital that you consult an experienced security company like LNS to understand which security system is right for your business. We are one of the most reliable fire and security companies in Leicestershire to help safeguard your commercial property with the best solutions. Contact us today on 0116 224 3478 to learn more about intruder alarm systems and receive a free quote for your project. 

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