Live events are returning: How can you capture the genuine moments in all the excitement?

Live events are returning: How can you capture the genuine moments in all the excitement?

Posted 09 June, 2021 at 13:56

Author Jasmine Silk on behalf of ShoutOut

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With in-person events soon to make their return, it is worth thinking about how this break may change how we cover them online. After a year of virtual meet-ups, of online shows and filmed interviews we are all far more used to the idea of video as a means of personal communication. Perhaps this is something we should be bringing forwards with us. 

Award shows, for example, can be difficult events to cover well on social media. With so many engaging individuals gathered in one place to celebrate one another, it can be a challenge to capture the genuine moments shared amongst all the excitement. 

Hiring a large film crew and rolling up with a bulky camera is a wonderful way to capture the night overall - the onstage moments, the crowds, the venue - but it is not necessarily the best approach for capturing the real emotion that makes these nights so meaningful. When it comes to these moments the best tool might just be the one in your pocket - a smartphone.

With phone cameras better quality than ever before, they have become an increasingly useful method of filming at even the largest events. The real advantage lies in the simple fact that the majority of people are more comfortable with smartphones than they are with huge cameras. 

As Dan Gable, the founder of ShoutOut - a new, smart-phone based, automated video tool - put it:

'Point a massive camera at someone and they will often stiffen a little - become self-conscious, restricting how openly they will express themselves. Point a smartphone at them? It's unthreatening, familiar - the reactions you get are genuine, because you remove an unnecessary barrier between the people in front of and behind the camera. What you get is an honest moment of communication.’

The only major issue with all of this is that no event wants to lose the professional appearance of their videos on their social media - the branding, the closed captions, the on-screen identifiers for the people on camera. This is a problem that the Broadcast Awards was able to solve back in 2020 using ShoutOut.  

ShoutOut was able to record videos on a smartphone directly through its online tool and turn them into fully-branded videos in seconds. These could then be instantly shared by both the awards and by the individuals being filmed. These videos were also integrated into the in-venue Twitter-wall - capturing reactions and comments from everyone from Charlie Brooker to Phoebe Waller Bridge. Award winner videos were tweeted within minutes of leaving the stage, adding an immediacy to the event that the other approaches to video lacked. 

As ShoutOut Video was being collected throughout the venue, the social media manager responsible for the Broadcast Awards was stationed centrally to review videos instantly as they were captured. This ‘central command’ model allowed the social manager to pre-program hashtags and handles, and modify the text for each video before sharing it on Twitter in real-time via ShoutOut’s in-built sharing features. 

The raw and concise style of the ShoutOut Videos played perfectly on the Broadcast Awards social media channels, and was an effective addition to their more traditional video production and to their summary video. As Conor Dignam, CEO Media Business Insight, said: 

'ShoutOut performed really well and was a welcome addition to the Broadcast Awards.’

The content created through ShoutOut was unqiue and personal, proving that sometimes all you really need is a smartphone to capture the moments that matter.

To see how ShoutOut's approach to video could be integrated into your events, get in contact with the team via their website for a free demo: 

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