Murder In Slow Motion

Murder In Slow Motion

Posted 07 October, 2019 at 10:22

Author Anna De Suza on behalf of Anna De Suza


Will today be the day your life changes forever?

Will today be the day that you attract the eye of a stranger?

Will someone you have known for years develop an unhealthy obsession with you?

I cannot tell you at what exact point my life changed.  And you probably wouldn’t be able to

tell anyone else when evil came into your life.  Rather than a crash, mine was more like a

slow drip.  A series of episodes that on their own seemed upsetting and frustrating rather

than something that has made me question how my life would end and re-write my will, and

make my loved ones aware of end of life wishes.

Does that seem a little dramatic?  Perhaps, until you have been on the receiving end of

something so deliberate. Stalking is referred to as murder in slow motion by some of the


This is a book I never wanted to write, and I hope you never need it, but I wish there was a

 self-help guide for Victims of Stalking when I needed one.   This isn’t a book about me, and

it certainly shouldn’t be about him.  I have published it in an attempt to help others.

There is support out there, but it took me hours of research to find information, and

therefore this book is designed to help victims of this crime take back control, and advises

them where to go for help and support.

I want this book to demonstrate to everyone that you do not have to have received a great

education, you don’t have to be a celebrity, you don’t have to be young or gorgeous, and

you don’t have to be rich to attract the eye of a stalker.

And you don’t have to have or be any of those things to fight back. 

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