New business opportunity: Exporting Excellence event

New business opportunity: Exporting Excellence event

Posted 16 October, 2020 at 10:45

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of Pronounce Concierge Service

Crowd partnered with the Department for International Trade and London & Partners to help create ‘Exporting Excellence’. This initiative brings together some of the world’s best minds to help UK businesses realise their commercial ambitions abroad.

This groundbreaking initiative will be held between 21 and 23 October 2020, and is an unmissable event for anyone thinking about breaking into new markets. Even though you’re not quite sure if you want to export, or you don’t know what markets are suitable for your services, you will still get a plan of action that you can implement at a later date.

As well as a number of key speakers who will showcase export opportunities, afternoon sessions will enable attendees to book one-on-one meetings with industry experts and export enablers and help them take the next steps to export success.

The Consumer & Retail part of the event includes talks about the future of retails, how to win and maintain export contacts, how to export unique inventions. One of the expert speakers is Richard Evans, OPRO. In 2007 Richard set up a new business unit within OPRO and launched a range of products into the sporting goods market. This created an opportunity for international expansion and after travelling to Munich’s ISPO trade show in 2009, the export journey began. With distribution now into more than 40 countries, Richard has attended every ISPO since and looks forward to meeting many of the partners who help generate over 40% of brand revenue every year. Attending the Exporting Excellence event will give anyone the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with Richard. 

This is the link where everyone can book their place for the event for FREE and get more information

Global CEO, Jamie Sergeant, says: “Once the business expanded to different markets, it obviously got bigger, and therefore more efficient because we have been able to spread the work between our offices. Moreover, we got to understand the requirements and rules of doing work in diverse markets, which ultimately helps the business by delivering appropriate work. Having this knowledge, we want to share it with fellow businesses and help them achieve greatness”

As a global organisation, Crowd has extended its reach into new markets, but it continues to work with clients even beyond those countries, delivering successful projects in Australia, Africa and South America.

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