Refresh your inner self

Refresh your inner self

Posted 23 March, 2020 at 18:12

Author Peter Mayes on behalf of Zuddha Water Ltd

After two years in development Zuddha Alkaline Water is available across the UK.

Zuddha Alkaline Water has a number of unique features, due to following its 5-step purification process and is only available in 500ml glass bottles.

Three bespoke distillers have been manufactured to replicate the rain water process by turning water to vapour and then condensing it. This process removes impurities from the water and returns it to its original state. It is then passed through a series of carbon and natural bio-ceramic filters which results in a 9.0+ pH product. Following this it is passed through an Ultraviolet Sterilisation unit before bottling.

There is emerging evidence that water molecules respond to energy and vibrations, altering their crystal structure accordingly and creating ‘energised’ water. During production and storage at the Zuddha facility the water is exposed to calming, meditative music in order to help positively energise it. The co-founders of Zuddha, who are both experienced meditation teachers, also use the facility as a meditation studio in order to further encourage positive energies and vibrations in the water.

Zuddha Alkaline water is available on Amazon.

Co-founder Peter Mayes:

“Water is an often-overlooked part of our overall health and well-being,  we’re familiar with the statistic that the human body is 70% water. However, on a molecular level, water molecules are tiny and present in every cell, 99% of all the molecules in our body are water. It’s recommended that we drink between 2 & 3 litres a day, yet few of us actually do this despite it being one of the easiest steps towards better health. Many conditions that could be avoided are due to dehydration.

The thought behind Zuddha Alkaline Water was to create a water that is as good for you as water possibly can be.  Distillation is a key part of our process as it mimics the rainwater cycle and removes impurities, leaving a beautifully clean and fresh water.

Both myself and my co-founder, Bobby, have been drinking home-distilled, alkalised water for several years and enjoying its benefits. Alkaline Water has been linked by many studies to improved health and vitality. It’s something we believe you can feel after a few days

Playing water music and meditating near it may sound slightly strange but studies have shown that water crystals respond to vibrations and electromagnetic energies in the form of UV radiation. This is an important part of the Zuddha Water process, even the labels have been designed to maintain this in the bottle. Water holds many mysteries we do not yet understand.

Why not treat your body to some Deep Hydration & experience the clean, fresh taste and energising refreshment for yourselves?

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Zuddha Water is an independent company set up by Bobby and Pete. We have been drinking distilled alkaline water for years and believe it to be the best and purest form of water that you can drink. This combined with our passion for health and well being , meant it was a natural choice to bring...


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