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Posted 28 May, 2019 at 07:05

Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Alison Jeavons Holistic Practitioner

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Alison Jeavons is a highly experienced Holistic Practitioner, Trauma Sensitive Somatic Awareness Coach and Professional Creative whose work and newly launched website focuses on the intersection of emotional trauma, creativity and spirituality.

Having recently emigrated to New Zealand from the UK, Alison, who's primarily based in the Bay of Plenty, is focussed on both serving her local community and her worldwide clientele, ensuring her skills are available to those who want to positively transition from the effects of trauma to learn how to safely reconnect, self-heal and actualise their creative purpose for visibility, influence and belonging.

Alison started her professional life as a Graphic Designer who won a grant to complete a Business Programme that provided the skills and knowledge required to turn a creative idea into a successful business. However, it wasn't until she embarked on entrepreneurship that she became aware of how her emotional family history and start in life had shaped the challenges she felt and held her confidence back.

Alison says, "To everyone that met me I appeared confident and knowledgeable in my field. No one guessed that I felt like an 'imposter' and some days felt it impossible to achieve even the slightest task. It was as though both my mind and body had their feet on the accelerator and the brake simultaneously, and at best,  I was going around in circles".

Now qualified to Coach and a member of the Association for Coaching, Alison exudes unrivalled compassion and a thorough understanding, whilst introducing a unique down-to-earth and naturally humourous approach to her work. She enables both a relaxed and flexible alternative for those wishing to arrive at their own truth, whilst also offering proactive creative services allowing clients to focus their strengths in areas of their expertise.

Described as a 'swiss army knife' of self development, wit, empathy, metaphysics and creativity, Alison acknowledges the past whilst focussing on the present and future, empowering her clients to detach from their old story, create choices, widen their perspective and function efficiently to become inspired, healed, energised and confident in their purpose. 

Alison can be found here or emailed at

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Alison Jeavons Holistic Practitioner


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Alison Jeavons is an Holistic Practitioner, Trauma Informed and Somatic Mentor and Professional Creative whose work focusses on the intersection of emotional trauma and creativity.Her work finds creative souls who want to positively transition from the effects of adoption, abandonment, stress...


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