Sleep Specialist Applauds Pyjama Design Power

Sleep Specialist Applauds Pyjama Design Power

Posted 09 May, 2019 at 18:09

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of (ISW) Independent Shop Watch

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A LEADING sleep specialist and author has endorsed an innovative new twist on children’s sleepwear, developed by two entrepreneurial Mums.

Lister & Bruce is one of the most recent arrivals in nightwear for youngsters, and was founded by sisters in law, Helen Brimacombe and Claire Carlile.

Their MyJamas collection features organic cotton pyjamas for children aged 1-5 years…and comes with an added innovation.

The brand’s signature difference is that each pair has matching ankle and wrist cuffs on the left and right, helping children dress independently by knowing which way round they go.

Achieving 5* ratings across the board from parents and children alike, since launching just five months ago, the range delivers a pre-bedtime confidence boost for youngsters, and has now been acknowledged by sleep specialist Alison Scott-Wright.

Author of The Sensational Baby Sleep plan and expert in children’s sleep, she has tried and tested the pyjamas.

She says “MyJamas are such a simple but genius design, made from organic, super soft cotton.

“They can genuinely help promote independence and confidence in your child...Going to bed feeling empowered by their achievement will only help your child feel calmer and more easily able to settle for the night, and they won’t be irritated by anything itchy scratching their neck as there are no labels sewn into the collar of the MyJamas range.

You can tell they’ve been designed by Mums - well done to Helen & Claire!”

The founding females behind the brand are delighted with this significant note of approval.

‘’Naturally we wanted our designs to be beautiful, but the clever cuffs are really what makes them special,” says Helen. 

“We’re thrilled that Alison can see the benefits, because a lot of thought has gone in to every detail of MyJamas, and the result is super soft pyjamas with a unique design that helps your little ones put them on the right way round every time.’’ 

Comfort has also been a huge focus for the range, 100% organic cotton interlock has been used as it is extremely soft against children’s skin and the breathability means they work well throughout the seasons.

They are also OEKO-Tex 100 rated – so no nasty chemicals have been used, especially perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The business itself was born from a proud acknowledgment of Claire’s mother’s skills at producing beautifully designed handmade gifts for the grandchildren. 

Clearly a family affair, even the company name comes from Claire and Helen’s own mums – Lister being Janet’s maiden name and Bruce being Helen’s mum’s maiden name.

Claire adds: “We’re thrilled with the reaction to our pyjamas so far, and have many new ideas and products in mind, which we’ll be developing in the coming months. It’s an exciting journey for us and we’re loving the positive feedback.”

MyJamas are available through

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