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Posted 10 September, 2019 at 02:49

Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Alison Jeavons Holistic Practitioner

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If you missed out on our recent Souled Out event, you’ll hopefully be happy to hear that we’re running it again on Saturday 14th September - woo hoo!

We’ll be back with another round of down-to-earth and home-from-home conversation, teachings, crystal sorcery and meditation based around trauma-sensitivity, with empathetic ears and experience to answer your questions and help where we can.

Our two-hour workshop will bring you even more of the best crystals (yes, I’ve been shopping again!) that support personal recovery from anxiety and stress to spiritual development, and a full trauma-sensitive meditation that you can do standing on your head or lying down - whatever froths your coffee - with no instructions that leave you feeling out of control.

We’re feeling the love and so were you:

“The information and relaxation of it all left me feeling comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“I found your knowledge of crystals that help with trauma very useful and practical.”

“I enjoyed everything about this workshop from meeting new people in a non-pressured environment, to gaining other’s perceptions and I love what’s been created here.”

“I’m so inspired! Excellent speakers with information on self care, crystals and meditation.”

“Brilliant! So glad I came and learned about specific crystals and meditation that help with so many ares of my life that I’m working on. One crystal in particular helped immediately stop the painful sensations as I held it, and I loved the message within the meditation.”

Meditation and mindfulness should always be a positive experience so if you’ve ever left a practice feeling more stressed or anxious than you were before you started, you may be wondering what’s going on, or that it’s not for you.

Mindfulness and meditation are important self-care strategies in overcoming life’s challenges, however, there is little out there when it comes to awareness on how it can affect those suffering from events that’s either directly happened to them or being witness to a situation that’s left them feeling unsafe or overwhelmed.

Drawing from experience and professional studies, our workshop is designed to provide you with a basic recognition with useable insights on how you can continue with your practice whilst remaining in control of your mind and body to gain the maximum healing benefits. With zero technical jargon and a focus on simplicity, we'll discuss:

• what is, and how to recognise, if trauma is getting in the way of your practice

• what trauma-sensitive mindfulness actually is

• how to recognise ways in which to use your meditative practice in a way that honours your nervous system to stop you re-living events you'd rather not

• a healing guide to specific crystals and their benefits for use whilst engaging in your personal mindfulness practice, with examples for you to see, and ones you can choose for yourself if you feel drawn to

• a helpful handout that enables you to make notes relevant to you

• simple metaphysical self healing techniques you can do at home

• a practical, modern and downright fandabulous guided meditation that you can personalise as you go to set you on the path for your own personal recovery journey - whatever that looks like to you

• private / one-to-one Q&A after the workshop to support your thoughts and feelings

Early bird bookings $20 - please message one of us to book
On the door $25

We look forward to meeting you and see you there.

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