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I never met Suzy Lamplugh, but I remember the day she went missing, and have followed the investigation as new leads and lines of enquiries are followed.  I always prayed that her family would finally have the answers to their questions, but sadly her parents died never knowing what truly happened to her.  Her siblings, her friends, and former colleagues must think of her daily.

Out of this tragedy, Diane and Paul Lamplugh set up the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, and campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of personal safety, and in time the charity grew the what it is today.

And without it, who knows how many more lives would have been affected?

I dedicate this book to Suzy and every other victim who has tragically lost their lives to stalking, domestic abuse, and cohesive control, not only at the hands of another but in some cases because they simply could not stand anymore.

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Anna was unfortunate enough to attract the eye of a stalker, someone she had known, trusted and liked, and for over 6-years now has dealt with unwanted attention, threats, damage to her property, broken restraining orders and harassment and intimidation. Friends used to say she should write a...


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