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Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Soulchology

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it” - Lou Holtz

As I blew another kilo of plaster dust off my university work, I puffed out my chest and forced myself to soldier on. The end was so near I could almost touch it, plus I knew I was being tested.

It was a stage in my life I’ll never forget. My relationship of ten years had just ended and I’d had to move out of our house, at the exact same time my degree was in it’s concluding stages with deadlines on top of me and work due in. Having moved three times in six weeks, it seemed I was doing a very good job of going from frying pans to fires, and now, I’d landed in a noisy shared house that was still less than ideal with renovation works having been brought forward to coincide with my final week of university. Naturally.

As brick particles landed on all my project folders, I noticed my root chakra was having an earthquake of it’s own and I reflected back to the moment I left with a suitcase under one arm and my beloved cat, Rupert, under the other, panicking about everything and panicking about panicking itself. 

As a mature student, I was juggling work commitments, time and a heap of financial outlay and debt. I’d taken the degree on for both professional and personal reasons, failing wasn’t an option and I knew in my gut I was being put through my paces for a reason that went beyond the physical experience.

  • 10 Wands Tarot: Taking on more than you can cope with | Juggling | Obligations | Responsibilities | Overwhelm | Stress

  • Soulchology Book Recommendation: As A Man Thinketh - James Allen

  • Relating Chakra(s): Third Eye | Heart | Solar Plexus | Root

  • Supporting Crystals: Amethyst | Charoite | Dioptase | Labradorite | Jasper

  • Numerology 10: Karmic | Completion | End of a cycle or phase in your life | Conquering of a challenging situation | Renewal

We’ve all been there right? We can all recall experiences where we feel we’ve got too much to handle; too much going on and we’ll never cope. This is how the Ten of Wands can show up if you get this in a reading. You’ll feel as though you’re at the end of your tether, that you’ve been slogging it out for what feels like forever, you’re not catching a break and life’s treadmill just keeps on going with the odd tomato chucked in your face for good measure.

Tens in Tarot represent the ending of phases, and this was definitely true in my case. So keep this in mind when your knees are buckling under the weight of all those wands for whatever this card is representing for you, and trust it won’t last. Manage only what is yours to manage. Remain compassionate to yourself and be aware of any tendencies you may have to take on other people’s responsibilities. Notice where you are over-giving of yourself and if so, enquire into what that is that taking care of for you?

Whilst the Ten of Wands has appeared in many readings to reference phases, a client of mine had a reading where it was presented to depict his life path. What unfolded was a past that had been dedicated to taking care of other’s needs above his own. Particularly where it came to finances; each time he thought he was making progress, something had happened to halt it leaving him feeling he was getting nowhere other than disappearing under more responsibility.

When this or any card appears to represent the path of your life in my readings, it’s important to look at the surrounding cards to get the full picture of what’s going on for you, what the lesson is there to tell you and how it is best to progress, which is what I help clients with post readings.

Whilst my Ten of Wands illustrated one of the most challenging periods of my life, it was also the start of one of the best and it proved I could manage. I met some great people that were ready to walk into my life as soon as the old one ended. I achieved a Distinction in my degree which made it even more victorious knowing the environment I achieved it under. 

The way we handle pressure and stress is what makes challenging times manageable. Nothing ever stays the same, life has proven this. You have a choice: you can either grip the handle bars tightly turning your knuckles white and arrive the at other side with your hair standing on end, exhausted and beaten, or, you can sit back, rally some support and ride the turbulence whilst committing to the task(s) at hand trusting in yourself to do the best you can with what you’ve got at the time.

Be mindful that pent up frustration and trauma can manifest itself in the body causing unwanted symptoms and unbalances which can also be another shout-out of the Ten of Wands. What outlet have you got whilst you’re in the throws of uncertainty or overwhelm?

Journalling through stressful times in your life can lift the lid on your pressure valve, so as a few prompts to reflect on:

  1. In my situation, how can I be more proactive, instead of reactive?

  2. How do I want to respond to this particular challenge? What stops me?

  3. And, despite the hard work and negatives, what positive aspects can I find in my situation?

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