The National Tutoring Programme. (NTP)

The National Tutoring Programme. (NTP)

Posted 29 July, 2020 at 16:00

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of TutorExtra

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The Purpose of the National Tutoring Programme.

The National Tutoring Programme, or NTP for short is a two year government incentive to combat the impact that Covid-19 has had on our education system where many schools have had to restrict class attendances to only pupils whose parents or guardians are key workers. Whereas those pupils who were unable to attend have missed out on the majority of this years curriculum. Leaving them behind the national standard of education, even though many parents (and schools) have implemented home schooling measures. With a funding budget set aside of £1 Billion, the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) will ensure that additional support and tuition for pupils to help them catch up with their learning over the 2020 and 2021 school years. High quality tuition is the key and the additional funding will help meet the goals of getting our children’s education back on track and in line with the national curriculum standards and expectations. The budget has been split into two parts, with the most disadvantaged pupils assigned £350 million for higher quality tuition. Primary and secondary schools make up the rest (£650 million) budgeting for one on one or smaller group tuition for those pupils that need it.

£650 Million Funding Aimed Specifically at Primary and Secondary Schools.

This part of the budget aimed specifically at primary and secondary schools, the National Tutoring Programme will ensure that additional tuition can be provided to help fill the gaps in education of these pupils who have been affected by the Covid 19 impact on their schooling. Where children have missed out on key aspects of their education, this opportunity will allow them to receive a more intensive and higher quality tuition to bring them up to speed, whether in a group or an individual setting.

Creating Jobs and Funding for Teachers

What this means for tutors is additional funding and wages to cover the extra tuition as well as providing a more intensive tuition to enable those affected pupils to effectively catch up on their education. As well as the provision for existing teachers, the National Tutoring Programme funding will also create employment opportunities and new positions to fulfil the schemes goals.

For more information on the National Tuition Program and how teachers and tutors can benefit from this scheme read more at

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The National Tutoring Programme. (NTP)
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The National Tutoring Programme. (NTP)

03 August 2020
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