The Positive Psychologist - Wellbeing Webinars Overview

The Positive Psychologist - Wellbeing Webinars Overview

Posted 04 February, 2021 at 12:53

Author Jason Fullwood on behalf of Shropshire Youth Support Trust

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Meet Lisa, she is The Positive Psychologist! We have partnered up with The Positive Psychologist to deliver some fantastic wellbeing webinars! Here Lisa talks about what can be expected from these incredible webinar sessions. 

What Is Positive Psychology & How Will We Use It?
In a series of four webinars, we are going to use positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - to explore how we can always thrive, even at times of uncertainty, great challenge and adversity. We will embark upon a journey which raises questions, provides research, and offers practical tools to boost wellbeing, performance and resilience.

What Benefits Can This Offer & What Is The Process?
We will use positive psychology to raise self-awareness, with a focus on one's strengths, talents, values and passions. We will boost emotional agility and psychological flexibility, promoting personal development through an understanding and mastery of thoughts, emotions and behaviour. We will explore practical ideas that can enhance wellbeing, through the central framework of positive psychology - PERMA. We will unpack the science of boosting positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

How Will We Structure This Series?
These four webinars will be based around questions fundamental to a meaningful life, in which a person can fulfil their potential, overcome adversity through resilience and experience high levels of wellbeing. 

Session 1: Who am I at my best?  
 1. Leverage the power of self- awareness.
2. Understand the negativity bias of the brain and how this influences us.
3. Explore the 24 universal character strengths (as individuals and teams) and how they can counter the negativity bias through strengths.
4. Enhance their strengths use for optimal levels of wellbeing and achievement
5. Recognise when they are over/ under-using their strengths to the point of detriment.
6. Identify their core values and see how they drive behaviour.
7. Create positive habits that are infused with strengths and support values.

Session 2: Where am I going?
This will offer theory and tools to:
1. Create a compelling future vision and understand the powerful psychology behind this.
2. Understand the science behind goal setting and how to break a vision down into tangible goals.
3. Leverage the power of positive emotions.
4. Identify the times of optimal engagement or states of 'flow' (both as individuals and teams).
5. Learn how to create powerfully positive relationships.
6. Understand the power of finding a 'why'.
7. Uncover the secrets to optimal human achievement.

Session 3: How am I going to get there?
 This will address the theory and practical tools/ ideas so that we will be able to:
1. Grasp the necessary emotional and psychological skills that are needed to bring a vision to life.
2. Understand what emotions are - both positive and negative – and what they do to the brain and the body. They will become more emotionally agile.
3. Become empowered and free themselves from their thought emotion-behaviour-cycle.
4. Understand how to create psychological safety and become courageously vulnerable.
5. Boost their resilience. 

Session 4: What are some quick wins along the way?
We will be able to:
1. Understand the psychology of curiosity and how to leverage this for optimal outcomes (individuals and teams).
2. Create moments of ‘awe’ in everyday life and benefit form the emotional and psychological boost.
3. Leverage the power of gratitude for individual and team wellbeing.
4. Understand the psychology of mindfulness and learn techniques to implement this.
5. Master the psychology of hope and self-efficacy for the ultimate boost to wellbeing and success.

For for information of these webinars please head over to:

Eventbrite links can also be found at the bottom of the PDF on there. Alternatively head over to for a full list on what we offer

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