The Road That Led to The House of Fen1x

The Road That Led to The House of Fen1x

Posted 25 September, 2020 at 13:30

Author Paul Robinson on behalf of Pronounce Media

A contemporary community in a world of isolation.

Just as the world keeps turning, society keeps changing, adapting and evolving. So what is the tipping point that makes us change? How do we know when to evolve and when to remain firm, secure in our beliefs and our lives? Complacency is known as the enemy of progress and more often than not, it takes a tragedy or divine inspiration to jolt us out of our comfort zone and force us to take action. 

Like most, I work hard and I do my best to bring up my sons and keep the home. From a young age my boys (DarkHero757 and WoollyBison6613) were playing on consoles, Gameboys etc. and it was up to me, as mum, to help them get past levels that they were stuck or to learn new games. For us, this created a bond that strengthened over time, until as they grew up they were no longer being taught, they became the teachers and I am incredibly proud that they have the patience and understanding to spend time in helping me, so that we can continue to game together. 

So yes, from my perspective, life was pretty idyllic, our own world of gaming undeniably a key part of this, and up until four years ago I was complacent in my life, perceivably content with my lot. Then the news came, that moment in time you fear the most and it might just have been a health scare, but it shook me to the core and it was this moment, that despite being dealt with, quite frankly changed my life forever.

No longer content to sit in comfort and instead eager to see change and push boundaries I set about changing my life for myself and my sons. But make no mistake, change requires effort and effort is undoubtedly hard work, and I say this as I head into my final year of a University Degree, something that has not only opened my eyes to a world of possibilities but has also provided a new and evolving understanding of the society that we live in.

However in doing so, my world in rose tinted glasses has had the surface scratched and now I don’t just see the joy and love but in looking deeper, I often see pain, struggle and despair. Whether we like it or not, the gaming community has a hand in this too with toxic gamers, cyber bullying and even social exclusion. Despite knowing all this and even toying with the idea for nearly a year, it took a global pandemic (COVID-19), a tragedy that continues to defy everyone’s expectations and something that will take years to heal and adapt to, to inspire me to take my next step. 

So now as I write this, I step forward as MsFen1x, a working mum, a full time student and an advocate for positive life change. In doing so, we, as a family (obviously including the lovely FreezingCello89) have created The House of Fen1x, stemming from our own positive gaming experiences, we now seek to branch out, encompassing the diverse and unique needs of others. In a world where social distancing and masks further distort our abilities to communicate and participate we openly welcome and encourage individuals to not just follow us, but to actively contribute to our community with ideas and videos, online chatting and messages, helping us in supporting one another. A contemporary system where community is no longer defined by a geographical location or environment, nor by age, gender, race or religion.

So who are we? We are no-one. No-one that you or your family and friends may of heard of (yet?!) and certainly no-one you would notice in the street as you pass by, but we are someone. We are ALL someone and as such we all count and we can all make a difference, the question is whether you choose to change or whether you choose to remain as you are.

My personal advice to you is …. please don’t wait for the tragedy…….be the inspiration.

Stay Safe

Love and hugs as always

from Ms Fen1x and The House of Fen1x

You can see us on YouTube at


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