TWINWOODS ADVENTURE have the answer to your company Christmas party needs!

TWINWOODS ADVENTURE have the answer to your company Christmas party needs!

Posted 29 October, 2020 at 15:45

Author Roy Castleman on behalf of Twinwoods Adventure

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Managers and company owners with no idea what to do for your Corporate Christmas Dinner 2020 we have something special for you.

How about a wine tasting, 1950’S Murder mystery and a Magic performance by a six times Guinness record holder, all during COVID 19 and from the safety of your own living room?

Today I am going to answer the biggest question on most company owner and managers minds. What to do about your corporate Christmas event? With the business world on our knees and everything, we took to be normal now a thing of the past you are forgiven if you have not even had time to think about this yet!

At Twinwoods Adventure we have been very busy since April 2020, our Remote-Live Escape rooms have been delighting young and old and bringing families and teams together. With a real person Games Master and Avatar, you complete multiple missions remotely via a group video call (Zoom\Team\Meet etc). With over 200 5-star Trustpilot reviews for our Remote-Live performances, our team loves showing our customers the best time.

The world is a strange place right now and our goal is to provide innovative and exciting ways that enable people to really connect and communicate. Our team building activities have been very well received in the corporate world.

The leading companies in the world seem to have identified the importance of communication enabling team building activities and events, just a few of those are:

Twinwoods Adventure Christmas Party 2020 will look like this!

Starting 6 pm with Prosecco

Fine Dining Meal

Cocktail making

Murder Mystery a 1950 saga

World Record Breaking Magic Attempt

If your team is anything like ours, they have been through the wringer and in 2020 and we are going to show them the best time ever to say thank you!

Join us and make yours a great one!

We are helping companies thank their staff for all their hard work in 2020 with some or all the above. 

If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with  me Roy Castleman on or on linked in at

See the attached logos of the companies already taking part.

Also attached are some great recent reviews.

Visit our website at

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