Twinwoods Adventure Now Offer Corporate Escape Rooms

Twinwoods Adventure Now Offer Corporate Escape Rooms

Posted 25 August, 2020 at 17:30

Author Roy Castleman on behalf of Twinwoods Adventure

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Perfect for Team Building and Bonding.

A perfect way of team building and bonding with your clients is to partake in a remote escape room game. As well as keeping your staff motivated who may now be working remotely, Twinwoods Adventure’s remote escape rooms are a great way of having fun whilst team building.

How a Remote Escape Room Works.

A remote escape room, works by your team connecting over the internet using the conferencing software, Zoom. You take control of a real life avatar and guide them through the entire experience. As well as audio you have multiple live feeds, access to clues and scrollable 360 degree images providing a fully immersive game experience.

What’s Included.

Included in the Corporate Escape Room package is a video briefing, a personal games master and real life avatar that you guide through the game. A dedicated events coordinator, two missions, a leader board and team certificates.

Additional Extras.

You can also add some great extras such as VIP mission upgrades, award ceremonies, mental health practitioner. A wine tasting experience, live music, even a magician and lots more. Offering a complete and comprehensive corporate escape room package for your company.

Adding Value to Your Business.

Whether you want to use the remote escape room experience as a team building exercise, entertaining new or existing clients or simply rewarding your staff for a job well done, it is the perfect solution for motivating and engaging as well as adding value to your business.

Booking a Corporate Escape Room Package

You can book a Corporate Remote Escape Room experience at Twinwoods Adventure’s website as well as choose from the comprehensive list of add-ons to the experience.

See what our customers thought of it!

A brilliant way to spend lockdown with mates. I've always been a fan of escape rooms, so this was a very novel way to experience one. Good clues, a fun theme and a humorous "trooper' made this really enjoyable. The future of entertainment? - Zak


We had our own voice-controlled soldier! What a way to spend some time with friends during lockdown - it was fun directing our "trooper" remotely, and as a team.

Probably at least as fun as getting to the venue and taking the challenge in person. It even ended in a live jump off the building via video. Thanks to the team for setting up this innovation! - Julian


What a great Escape! Our team had a mix of first timers and more experienced players from the UK and Ireland. The playing instructions were easy for everyone to follow and it didn’t take long before we were in full flow on the mission at hand. Our designated Avatar facilitated and supported endless demands, moments of confusion, triumph, and dead ends; They became an extended part of our team, willing us on and celebrating our escape within the allotted 60 minutes! The absolute cherry on the cake was the unexpected virtual jump from the top of Twinwoods Adventure - Incredible! Buzzing and high, the laptop lid closed, and it was back to the reality of our front rooms but wearing a grin from ear to ear - The escape was real. - Libby


I was a bit sceptical about doing this as I thought it could get confusing, but once we were set up on Zoom, the host made everything clear and it turned out to be a breeze and a good laugh. Good escape from the daily boredom at the moment and would be fun to do anyway! - Tobias 


I was incredibly surprised at exactly how involving it was. It did draw you into an experience in a way other forms of entertainment are unable to. The reference materials and the fact clues came up in your inventory immediately worked very well too. - Rob

The Morse Code online escape room was incredibly good fun. Working over Zoom with your in-person 'avatar,' who was easy to direct, allowed you to view the room like you were there. Clues appeared immediately in the Google Drive for you to inspect closely and they presented us with a stiff challenge. There were a number of red herrings that kept us guessing! This experience could be done with a family around one monitor or hooked up to the TV, or with lockdown meaning relatives are distant, a fun way to catch up with them. - Adam

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