What is Social Voice & Why Does It Matter for Your Business

What is Social Voice & Why Does It Matter for Your Business

Posted 10 September, 2021 at 17:00

Author Ronnie Findlay on behalf of Everything Digital

Social media is more powerful than ever. On one hand, consumers use it to connect and network with people from their personal and professional spheres and on the other hand, businesses use it to entice and engage with their target audience. 

But it is not as simple as it sounds. 

Like you, your competitors also identify and understand the power of social media and use it to connect with the same target audience. So, how can you make your business stand out from the crowd and have a positive impact on your target audience?  

Consumers have become smart and selective about who they interact with, on social media. As more and more consumers seek authenticity in the way a business delivers its message, it has become essential for businesses to have an authentic voice, tone, and mission. Any business that uses compelling storytelling to convey its message and has a genuine, relatable voice has the best chance of attracting the consumers they want to target. 

But what exactly is a Social Voice?

It is nothing but the expression of your brand’s personality. It needs to remain consistent across all social media platforms and communication channels. The more authentic, relatable and “human” the voice, the more confident and comfortable are your customers about engaging with your business on social media. Developing a unique social voice is one of the best ways of making a real connection with your customers. And if you use this voice consistently across all platforms, you’ll eventually make your brand more memorable and dependable. But to achieve this, the first thing you need to do is discover or create your brand’s voice and build your business persona.  

So How Do You Create the Social Voice of Your Business?

The process of developing a unique social voice will depend on the type of your business, its USP, goals, etc. However, there are some steps you can follow to create your business persona and social voice, such as:

  • Determining Your Brand’s Core Values and Mission

Your social voice depends on your company’s values and mission statement. So, it’s crucial to determine and write them. Your core values are everything that your company stands for and what defines the purpose of your business. Your mission statement must specify why, how, and what your business does and what does it aim to achieve. Once you have your brand’s value and mission statement ready, you can move onto the next step.

  • Research your Audience and Understand the Buyer Personas

Your target audience and customers will play a vital role in helping you develop your social voice. The first thing to do is create a buyer persona based on their social media usage and other factors like demographics, psychographics, professional profiles, likes, dislikes, preferences, and online behaviour. Once you have your buyer persona, check for the following:

- What kind of content does she like on social media?

- Does she prefer formal, informative content or likes casual and funny content?

- Does she read long, text-based content or prefers to skim through short, to-the-point pieces?

- Which other businesses or competitors does she follow on social media?

Based on the information you gather by addressing these questions, you can set a unique voice for your business that will appeal to your intended audience. 

  • Analyse your Competitor’s Best-Performing Content

Simply copying what your competitors are doing would be unethical and will not get you anywhere. However, analysing their best performing work can help you understand what your target audience likes. Since this content is already striking a chord with the audience, you can take the desirable elements and develop a similar voice and tone for your business. 

  • Determine the Key Characteristics of your Brand

Do you want to sound witty on social media? Or would you like to go for a more formal and informative style? Note 4-5 key characteristics that you want your social voice to have and ensure that every piece of content you put on social media carries that voice and tone. 

Why Does Social Voice Matter?

Now, you may be wondering why social voice matters so much. You are not alone. The truth is a large number of businesses enter the realm of social media without any plan and end up becoming “just another business” in the crowded social landscape. If you take time to develop a social voice for your business, it is more likely to get noticed and appreciated for its unique content. The demand for personalised content and “humanised” brands is affecting the online buying behaviour of consumers. Hence, it has become essential for businesses to set the right voice and tone of their communications on the web and social media. 

Developing a social voice is a work-in-progress and not a one-time process. It requires constant monitoring and modification so that your business continues to remain relevant and appealing on social media. Now that you know the importance of social voice and how to develop one for your business, it is time to put the process into action and reap the rewards. Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing? Contact us to learn how we can make it work for your business.

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