What Is Somatic Healing?

What Is Somatic Healing?

Posted 09 September, 2019 at 01:28

Author Alison Jeavons Creative on behalf of Soulchology

You may have heard the term, but what exactly is it?

Well, overwhelming reactions that limit your capacity to move forward include fight, flight, freeze, passivity or entirely shutting down. This affects you physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and if left unresolved, impacts the cycle through your entire life. 

Taken from Richard Strozzi-Heckler’s book, ‘The Art of Somatic Coaching’, “The term somatics derives from the Greek somatikos, which signifies the living, aware, bodily person. It posits that neither mind nor body is separate from the other; both being part of a living process called the soma.”

Therefore, by turning our attention to the soma and working directly on the body through touch, breath, movement and gesture, the relief of symptoms is possible allowing the capacity to generate our own healing.

what does this look like in reality?

Your body remembers, and trauma of any kind reshapes you. Whether you’ve psychological or cellular memories of physical or emotional neglect, years of research has found that not being seen and heard, or having somewhere to go to feel safe, leaves you feeling devastated at any age, let alone if it happens in childhood when you’re still trying to find your place in the world. Maybe:

  • you feel like you don’t know who you are; feeling like an outsider or left behind. You hunger for identity and long to belong. You find yourself walking away, have difficulty connecting with or pursuing others who are unobtainable: often feeling trapped or leaping from the frying pan into the fire.

  • there’s so much you need and want but can’t see a way of getting there. You find it difficult to be present, and neglect or don’t take time for yourself.

  • you struggle with feelings of being flawed, of shame, unworthiness, sadness, of being unloved - or anger, overwhelm, defensiveness, being thwarted or criticised. You’d love to know why you feel triggered by certain words or situations and understand how to move past urges to freeze or run.

These lived experiences become embodied which means your body remembers and stores it. You can become disassociated from the very foundation of yourself resulting in physical symptoms and challenges.

Your soul steps from it’s shadow when it’s held with love, empathy and understanding, and by bringing safe and transformative somatic awareness and holistic practices into traditional mentoring frameworks, it honours your basic dignity increasing your ability to self-heal.

what’s your story?

You may be adopted, been to boarding school, distanced from family, suffered in or out of your home, or bullied. You’re emotionally wounded and it’s affecting everything. Perhaps:

  • your life may feel rosy but you have unexplained reactions to events and feel triggered, not understanding why.

  • you can appear confident and articulate but on the inside you want to be liked.

  • you feel you can’t be yourself, wear a mask and try to please others.

  • you may wonder why you sabotage things when they’re going ok.

  • your mind won’t be quiet, you overthink, may overspend, find yourself over-clarifying, talking fast or inaudibly.

  • you frequently jump into the frying pan into the fire or are rooted to the spot.

You’ve tried to help yourself. Your drawer is likely to be groaning with free downloads, your shelves with books and your sofa with well-meaning friends but you still feel you’re going round in circles, not progressing or notice you’re feeling worse over time instead of better.

I was there too. Life doesn’t wait and your missed opportunities are exacerbated.

somatic healing

Currently my work incorporates specific somatic coach training and metaphysics, however I will be offering actual somatic body work and gesture in the near future as part of my holistic healing service.

I also use my intuitive abilities together with evidence-based research, lived-personal experience and unrelenting empathy to help you to heal the patterns and wounds that inhibit your life. You will:

  • learn to centre yourself, create inner balance and calm your nervous energy.

  • strengthen your instincts and learn to trust yourself.

  • create space to breathe and enjoy a healthier life.

  • be seen and heard, valued and listened to and increase your sense of self worth.

  • detach from your old story and go from intensity to passion.

  • create choices and become realistic with a wider perspective and purpose.


By acknowledging the Trauma-Informed, GROW and Somatic Awareness coaching models, we firstly establish a safe and supportive environment of your choice that supports your emotional safety. Strategies can be put into place that include a plan for when coaching can stretch you, and to resource connections that may benefit you along the way. Together we will:

  • look at how your experience has shaped you, without re-traumatising, by using grounding and mindfulness techniques.

  • discuss your coping mechanisms, triggers or patterns you may be aware of, and identify your resiliency and resourcefulness whilst holding your goal in mind.

By using exercises, worksheets and a reflective journal that help you pause and become present, we recognise and build from where you’re currently at, working towards reclaiming your power by moving into an individually aligned framework that supports action toward your goal.

If you would like to get in touch to see if I can help you, you can reach me at www.alisonjeavons.com or by emailing me alison@alisonjeavons.com

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