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Prime Day is Amazon's July version of Black Friday when shoppers will find a wide range of deals - over one million discounted products in total - at various times over the 36-hour period. It first launched in 2015 and has grown every year, expanding to more and more countries around the globe. As it's "one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members", it does mean that shoppers need to have or take out Prime Membership costing £79.

But interestingly, it's not just Amazon that benefits from its exclusive event.

Ecommerce expert and software developer Optiseller are predicting that eBay is poised to benefit massively from the increased online shopping activity around Amazon Prime Day with its own promotional offers and messaging on its first Sales Day on 17 July.

Last year, eBay announced that Prime Day was its single-largest sales day of the year, exceeding 2016's Black Friday and Cyber Monday and growing 60 percent year-over-year.

While Amazon is expected to do over 1 million deals around the world during the event, eBay is set to capitalise on the exposure by offering special deals and price guarantees across categories including fashion, consumer electronics and more. Moreover, it is banking on the fact that unlike Prime there are no membership or subscription fees which it believes will give it a competitive edge - for an example of ebay's promotional messaging on purchases over $119 - see here.]

Craig MacCallum, CEO of Optiseller said: "There is no doubt that Amazon Prime Day creates increased traffic and a buzz which other online marketplaces are poised to take advantage of as savvy shoppers check to make sure they are getting the best possible deal. However, they must ensure that their sites are fully optimised and sellers' prices are competitive to take the full benefit of increased interest and sales."

  1. added: "The best way of doing this is making sure the listing data is 100% accurate and is fully compliant with eBay's policies. Duplicate listings and poor item descriptions can penalise sellers and, in some cases, may be de-listed by eBay. Optiseller has a suite of off-the shelf tools which analyse store performance in real-time, flag up areas of concern and recommends which of our tools can rectify the issue''.

Optiseller is an ecommerce data platform from Developing IT that drives growth for online sellers, brands, marketplaces and technology partners. First launched in 2016 to provide online retailers with access to the optimisation and analytics tools needed to improve the data quality and consistency of their marketplace listings, it has evolved into a high value suite of tools for any business involved in selling merchandise online.

There are more than 7,500 users worldwide and over 70m products are reviewed each week. This provides a rich and growing dataset, helping subscribers control, manage and monitor their performance on marketplaces includes eBay, Amazon, and Wish.com.

With over 10 years' experience working with the leading ecommerce platforms, tools and service providers, Developing IT also provides technical consultancy, data and integrations services.

For further information about Optiseller please visit https://weareoptiseller.com/ , email info@optiseller.com or call +1 585 484 9316 (US) or +44 1786 451082 (UK)

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