Why Escape Rooms are Ideal for Team Building.

Why Escape Rooms are Ideal for Team Building.

Posted 30 June, 2020 at 12:30

Author Roy Castleman on behalf of Twinwoods Adventure

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Bringing Together Your Workforce

Escape rooms provide the perfect setting for your employees to bond and build a stronger togetherness. An escape room or also known as an escape game sees the participants locked in a room or building and their goal is to escape within a given time limit, of course it isn’t straightforward and working together you will need to solve a number of puzzles and overcome several challenges to be able to get out.

Because of the common goal, each person will need to work together and each member of the team should bring their own strengths to the game, as there are a variety of challenges. Everyone’s brain is wired differently, so what may seem a doddle to one person, may be a daunting task for someone else. This is where it is important to use the strengths of the individuals of the team, whether it is to over come an analytical problem, solve a cryptic clue, taking part in a physical challenge or even completing a task that requires simultaneous actions such as hitting two buttons at the same time.

Developing Team Skills

Skill developments from taking part include leadership, problem solving, teamwork and delegation. As well as developing and improving these skills, your team will bond better having going through a shared experience and this can then be carried through to the workplace making escape rooms the perfect scenario for improving long term productivity, team bonding and ultimately a happier and more profitable workforce.

Choose A Remote Escape Room

Of course, planning such ventures can be difficult, with travel, need for babysitters and having everyone available Twinwoods Adventure have the perfect solution with their remote escape room, where team members can participate from the comfort of their own home via webcam and chat whilst still experiencing everything as if they were there in person. With a games master to help you along the way and a real life avatar to carry out the puzzles and challenges. And if you have enough staff you may want to set up your own challenges such as sales team vs warehouse team and so on, with the winning team being those who escape the fastest.

So, if you are looking for the perfect team building experience, then make your escape via an escape room.

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

Watch our video below to see how our escape rooms work!

Customer reviews

A brilliant way to spend lockdown with mates. I've always been a fan of escape rooms, so this was a very novel way to experience one. Good clues, a fun theme and a humorous "trooper' made this really enjoyable. The future of entertainment? - Zak

We had our own voice-controlled soldier! What a way to spend some time with friends during lockdown - it was fun directing our "trooper" remotely, and as a team.

Probably at least as fun as getting to the venue and taking the challenge in person. It even ended in a live jump off the building via video. Thanks to the team for setting up this innovation! - Julian

What a great Escape! Our team had a mix of first timers and more experienced players from the UK and Ireland. The playing instructions were easy for everyone to follow and it didn’t take long before we were in full flow on the mission at hand. Our designated Avatar facilitated and supported endless demands, moments of confusion, triumph and dead ends; They became an extended part of our team, willing us on and celebrating our escape within the allotted 60 minutes! The absolute cherry on the cake was the unexpected virtual jump from the top of Twinwoods Adventure - Incredible! Buzzing and high, the laptop lid closed and it was back to the reality of our front rooms but wearing a grin from ear to ear - The escape was real. - Libby

I was a bit sceptical about doing this as I thought it could get confusing, but once we were set up on Zoom, the host made everything clear and it turned out to be a breeze and a good laugh. Good escape from the daily boredom at the moment, and would be fun to do anyway! - Tobias 

For more information on Twinwoods Adventure or to book an escape room for yourself please click HERE

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