Why not let us Take Care of Your Online Digital Presence to free up your time.

Why not let us Take Care of Your Online Digital Presence to free up your time.

Posted 25 September, 2021 at 15:00

Author Mark Bradshaw on behalf of Pronounce Concierge Service

Social Media and Press Release Management.

Sometimes the best intentions don’t yield results, having a marketing strategy in place is all well and good, but you won’t get results unless you implement it. Here at Pronounce we understand the importance of getting your company out there to the world, whether local, national, or even global.

As you may already know it can take years and an awful lot of time and effort to build up a meaningful following on your own social media accounts, but we have already done that work and you can gain from it. Pronounce currently has a following far in excess of 460,000 across multiple platforms and we know best how to reach that audience for you.

With this in mind, we have put together the following marketing packages so you can get on with what you do, knowing that your online digital marketing is taken care of. We will research the optimum hashtags to suit your product and service and include a strong call to action to ensure you get the best results.

How Our Social Media Promotion Works.

We post to our established audiences, so you no longer have to worry about the long-term tedious work of building your own social media accounts. (We have already done all the hard work!)

Depending on the frequency of posts we will use a mix of sales, inspiration, and news posts, all of these will include your call to action to your website and/or contact details.

We will also research the optimal hashtags for your business and use these as well in your social media post signature ensuring searchable terms to drive more traffic to your site.

Although we don’t provide social media management to your own social platforms and company pages, we can include posting to your Facebook company page and Twitter account as part of the package and you can easily share any of the posts directly to Linkedin with a click of a button.

Basic social media Package.

Our basic package ensures that your company is being promoted on a regular basis, with two social media posts created and posted by our team each week.

  • 2 Social Media posts per week.

Just £28.00 per calendar month

Intermediate social media Package.

For companies wanting a stronger social media presence this is our most popular choice with three social media posts published each week.

  • 3 Social Media Posts Per Week on a Day of Your Choosing.

Just £49.00 per calendar month

Comprehensive social media Package.

For those that don’t have the time to manage their online digital presence our comprehensive package takes care of everything creating and posting daily content for you and your business.

  • 5 social media posts per week.

Just £88.00 per calendar month

Concierge Service & Press Release creation

With any of our social media packages above you will have the peace of mind to know that you are connecting with your customers regularly to assure them you are very much open for business and also to grow your customer base. It is however still very important to explain your products or services in further detail particularly if you make changes or have a new service to promote. This is best done through a Press Release.

Pronounce uses only professional copywriters to produce valuable content on your behalf and its far more affordable than you might think. All our copywriters consider SEO when writing so they ensure you gain the optimum traffic to your website from each release driving potential new customers right to your door. We have also now introduced Micro PR which is an extremely cost-effective way to get your message out affordably and simply.

  • Micro Press Release

From as little as £28.00 up to 200 words including posting.

  • Full Press Release

Dependent on your requirements though normally around 300 – 400 words including posting. Call now for a quote 0800 567 7973

Note, If, none of the above packages suit your business or needs, then contact us today to arrange a custom package personal to your business on 0800 567 7973.


1Q: Do I need to have a paid account with Pronounce to use your social media services?

A: Yes, you are required to have a paid account to use our social media services.

2Q: Why use Pronounce Media to promote on social media?

A: We already have an established huge following of over 460,000 fans and followers and its growing daily. With audiences in all categories and regions, you can get your message out there to people who are interested in what you offer.

3Q: Can I post to my own social media channels as well?

A: Yes, you can, and we are happy to help you set it up. Please note at present you can post to Facebook and Twitter at no cost but we are working on adding more social media platforms in the future.

4Q: I am not good at writing posts for social media, will you do this for me?

A: Yes, we are happy to create content on your behalf, including sourcing licence free for commercial use photos.

5Q: What is the difference between a social media post and a press release?

A: A social media post consists of only a couple of lines and is used to grab the attention of the reader who can then find out more from your profile and other content. They are also used to engage fans and encourage new followers.

6Q: Are you more affordable that using paid social media campaigns?

A: Most definitely, a typical £100 advert on Facebook for instance would have a reach of around 10-20K people (And these are not always unique, with many people seeing the same ad several times. Our Linkedin feed alone has a reach of over 130K and many of our other platforms have thousands of existing followers.

7Q: Is there a contract for your social media management services?

A: There is no contract, however you can save money by opting for a longer period than monthly, IE buy a 12-month social media management package for the price of 10 months.

8Q: How do I sign up for your social media management service.

A: The easiest way is to just give us a call on 0800 567 7973 then we can discuss your needs and get things moving for you, alternatively email  

9Q Can you also write my press releases for me and share to social media.

A: Yes, we offer a press release concierge service, where once published a link will go out to the relevant social media platforms. To find out more please feel free to give us a call on 0800 567 7973.

10Q What makes you different from other social media management packages.

A: We already have established followers whereas you may only have a handful, it is better to get your message out to thousands rather than to just a few.

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