Writing a Good Press Release.

Writing a Good Press Release.

Posted 25 March, 2020 at 12:02

Author Paul Robinson on behalf of Pronounce Media

When it comes to press releases, the most important aspect is to get it published, get it seen and engage with your relevant audiences. We take a look at several tips and advice that can help you get your press release published and seen.

Come up with an Eye-Catching Headline.

Your headline is one of the most important key factors to your press release, just as first impressions count, so does your headline, writing a good headline is as equally important as the content, if you don’t catch the attention of the reader with the headline, it Is irrelevant on how good the content is if they don’t carry on to read it. Using a hook headline works well, where you encourage the reader to find out more, such headlines as ‘Why You Shouldn’t Panic Buy Toilet Rolls, The Facts!’. Make the headline intriguing and inviting.

Keep it Sharp, Short and To The Point.

When writing your press release, shorter sentences work much better. They are easier to read, and online, preferred by search engines. Try to avoid going off on a tangent and keep to the point of the press release. If you have a lot of information to release, sometimes it is worth writing a follow up press release, (announce this at the end of the first one to keep readers informed.). A word count of around 300-350 words is easily digestible but you can exceed this if needed.

Use a Relevant Image.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so having an image that is not only eye-catching and relevant to your press release is paramount to attract the attention of potential readers, you may want to use two or three images to get your point across. Sourcing images can be a bind. You can purchase high quality images from companies such as Shutterstock, there are also free websites such as Pixabay and Pexels who also offer free to use for commercial use. Be sure to check the licencing terms before using any photographs to avoid breaking copyright laws.

If in Doubt get in a Professional.

Writing a press release does require any skills but a basic command of the English Language, however if you feel that it is a bit beyond you, or even a task you would rather someone else do, then get in a professional press release writer, this way you can brief what you need and approve the press release before publishing.

Hopefully these tips will help you writing your next press release or at least guide you in the right direction. And remember, the difference between a good press release and a bad press release, is that a good one has been written down, a bad one is still in your head. Thanks for reading.


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