Reseller Information

A unique service looking for resellers / distributors in the UK and overseas.

Pronounce are the first company in the world to offer distribution of content, news & business PR to both the main-stream media & our own huge following on social media. With a reach well in excess of 310,000 followers on eight of the top platforms each story posted reaches a minimum of 140,000 people.

We are offering very attractive packages and support programs enabling companies with suitable client databases to generate substantial ongoing income. Pronounce give you everything you need to promote this platform which includes a full demonstration of our features and benefits for all your sales team.

Potential customers include;

  • Business users (Large & small)
  • Charities
  • Government departments
  • Journalists
  • Marketing agencies
  • PR companies
  • Publishers
  • Trade bodies

To be considered for inclusion in our resellers network simply complete the registration form below (no payment is required unless you choose to use the site to distribute your own content). You will then be contacted by a member of our team to discuss this further.


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